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Goa’s young riders impress organiser of MRF Supercross

17th April 2018, 02:35 Hrs

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Goa has been one of the regular venues for motocross/supercross events over the last many years and that culture seems to be producing desired results now. 

Youngsters under the age of 10, are now coming to the fore and this time, MRF-FMSCI Supercross organisers, GodSpeed Racing had created the first of its kind in the country, ‘under-10 non-geared class’ category in the Junior Level, which also had another upto-15 years category. GodSpeed Racing official and 7-time national champion Shyam Kothari is ‘very surprised’ with the development of under-10 riders.

Kothari told The Goan that Goa has emerged as the trend-setter by bringing up such young children to the fore with serious interest in the sport of supercross. 

“Earlier, the talks were about the 10 year olds and above; but now that I see in Goa these six, seven, eight-year olds, riding; Goa has certainly raised the bar. I am very surprised and very encouraged. This sport surely has great future as this trend of promoting very young children will and should spread across the country,” said Kothari.

Youngest riders at Sunday’s Supercross event in Margao included Abhimanyu Bose, Sufiyan Shaikh, Mufeed Mulla, Aashna Ahmed.

“It is good to see people are taking to motosports overcoming the notion that supercross is a risky sport. They now believe that it is like any other sport where the organisers are trying to cut down on risks and ensure safety features. The general trend has been good over the last two years across the country with regards to youngsters. But I must say I am very surprised to see the five youngest participants in the non-geared class. I am also impressed by the facilities at practice,” exclaimed Kothari.