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Dabolim airport set to get new facilities

17th April 2018, 08:44 Hrs

the goan I network
Union Civil Aviation Minister Suresh Prabhu on Monday afternoon met with state government and AAI officials here and discussed progress on the proposal to expand facilities at Dabolim airport.
“We had a detailed discussion about how we should promote Goa as a  tourism destination using the airport as a medium,” Prabhu told reporters at  the Dabolim airport listing the facilities and upgrades involved.
 “In addition to passengers there is already a  proposal to use Goa airport for export as well as for cargo handling, Prabhu informed.
“We have inspected the present airport in Dabolim. Huge expansion of a  few hundred crores is in progress including a multi-level parking,  modernisation of the existing toilets and washrooms, creating more taxi  room, more parking areas and more aerobridges before the next  tourist season. This will facilitate more  passenger movement in Goa,” he added.
Besides this, it was also decided that the Goa government would be allotted a counter  at the Airport wherein local products and souvenirs made by local  self-help groups and local products grown by the farmers would be  displayed and promoted.
“We have decided that Goa government will be  allotted a special counter at the airport where in local products will be sold, whether souvenirs made by the local self-help groups or local products  grown by farmers. Goa is well-known all over the country  and this is a good opportunity for the products to be displayed and sold,” said Prabhu, adding, “This special counter will create more job  opportunities for the locals. Tourist will be happy not only with memories of  a happy stay in Goa but also get an opportunity to carry back souvenirs reminding them of Goa  and motivating them to come visit again.”
Besides this, Prabhu informed that AAI would very soon enter into an agreement with  the government of Goa and allot an additional counter for taxi operators  under  the GTDC.
“AAI will soon enter into an agreement with the government  of Goa to operate another taxi counter under GTDC to ensure that more  locals get taxis to operate besides providing additional taxis for  passengers and tourists,” informed the aviation minister.
“There are certain local grievances which have been addressed and we  have given Goa government the right operate another taxi counter which  will ensure that local rights are protected as well as more taxis are  available for tourists,” said Prabhu while assuring the people that the Dabolim airport would
remain operational even after the new Mopa airport comes up.