Saturday, 18 August, 2018
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Rape incidents have dented the image of BJP: Francis

Govt has failed its people, says tHE Minister

16th April 2018, 02:09 Hrs

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Senior BJP leader and Urban Development Minister, Francisco D’Souza on Sunday said the recent rape incidents in the country have dented the image of BJP in the country while court directions to the State indicate that the government of the day has failed.  

“The progress of our country is of no use if we don’t attend to the basic functions of the state where rape and murders are rampant. We are responsible (for this). We mean the people and people means the government,” D’Souza told The Goan.  

D’Souza was responding the to the two rape incidents that shook the conscience of the nation resulting in outpouring even internationally.  

An eight-year-old girl was brutally raped and murdered in Kathua in J&K and a teenager raped at Unnao in Uttar Pradesh.  

In UP a BJP minister has been arrested by the CBI for his alleged involvement in the rape incident while in J&K two BJP legislators were forced to resign as ministers after they openly supported the alleged accused involved in the rape case.  

D’Souza, who is also a member of cabinet advisory committee in the State said there was no doubt the image of BJP has been tarnished but it was not the fault of the party alone.  


Michael Lobo: Let’s not politicise rape

MAPUSA: Trying to play safe, Deputy Speaker and Calangute MLA, Michael Lobo said the rape incidents should not be politicized but the suspects should be arrested promptly.    

“Whoever is involved should not be looked as a Congress man or BJP man but should be treated as suspect in the rape and murder and immediately arrested,” Lobo said.  

“Some men who are involved in the (rape) incident are affiliated to a party or whichever party it may be…I don’t think BJP party will support such type of people…But let us not talk about BJP and Congress,” he continued.  

He said people in India and across the country were upset and angry because of the brutal rape and murder of the girl child. The Calangute MLA said that the law for rape needs to be amended further and a 15-year-old juvenile involved in rape should be tried as an adult criminal.  

“I think the age should be brought down. A boy of 15 years and above who is involved in rape needs to be put in place where there is no pardon for him,” he said.  

“If you need to change the system, you need to change the law,” he added.