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Telaulim gram sabha already scuttling issues ‘not on meeting agenda’

16th April 2018, 04:05 Hrs

the goan I network
What lay in store for gram sabha members if  the government amends the gram sabha rules to bar any other  matter at the Sunday gram sabhas came true at the meeting of the  Telaulim Panchayat gram sabha on Sunday when a member sought to express  his reservations to the government’s move was not taken official note of.  
 The member sought to raise the issue of the government mulling an amendment to the rules of gram sabha at the meeting, but Sarpanch Estevan Goes who chaired the gram sabha did not allow the  member to drive home his point on the controversial subject.  
 Secretary Mario Viegas told the Sarpanch that he  cannot take note of the point raised by the member in the minutes for  the simple reason that the point was not listed on the meeting agenda.    
 Estevan later told the media that he had no objection to  the member raising the issue, but admitted that the point was not taken official note of by the panchayat secretary since it was not part of the  agenda.  
 The gram sabha member had contended that the government is  trying to bring the proposed amendment to the meeting rules to scuttle  members from raising issues that had in the past gone against many a  controversial project sought to be implemented in the state by the  government.  
 When The Goan contacted Panchayat Secretary Mario Viegas  to shed light on the episode, he said the point sought to be raised at  the meeting was not part of the agenda and hence cannot be taken  into cognizance.
“The member might have highlighted the issue, but I did not  record the proceedings simply because it was not part of the meeting  agenda,” he said.  
 Salcete-based Panchayat raj institutions and former  Sarpanchas have come out strongly against the proposed move of the  government to bar “any other matter” at the gram sabah for discussions. 
The government has published the draft rules and has invited suggestions  and objections from the people on the contentious issue.