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For those who wish to spend less time in the kitchen every day, Manisha teaches instant premixes to make tasty snacks like Idli, Dosa, Dhokla, Upma, Medu vada, Bhajia and various side dishes like chutneys

26th March 2018, 05:41 Hrs


Ranjan Desai lives in Bangalore, though he hails from Goa. He earns and learns there in an IT company and has odd hours of work. His time to return home daily is not definite and hence he has to depend on whatever food outlets that are open during those hours, to have his dinner. “It is when I found that most of the times I end up eating junk food or go to bed even hungry sometimes, I thought of learning to cook few recipes for myself, so that I can prepare my own food at any odd hour of the day or night, whenever I reach home or if I am hungry. Tempty Cooking Classes came handy and thanks to the expert advice by the proprietor Manisha Khatavkar, I now, have learnt to feed myself with healthy, tasty, quick-to-make dishes,” smiles Ranjan.   

“It’s not that people who live alone in an alien city need to learn cooking. Even if one lives in a large family with people with different food habits, one has to know the basics of cooking to cater to different tastes, of either the same person or the different members of the family. Those who love partying and enjoy inviting people to homes, must know a variety of dishes too. Housewives who get bored cooking the same food in the same style, need some change too. Working women who need to carry lunch boxes for themselves and pack lunch for their husbands and children too, would be too delighted to know instant cooking methods and have ready-to-make premixes at hand. It is for all such people, including for those who just love food and like to explore and experiment in their kitchens to try various delicacies – that Tempty Cooking Classes are meant for,” briefs Manisha, who has been running the classes since 2000 in Ponda.   

Manisha’s kitchen on Dhavali highway becomes her classroom where at a time 8-10 persons can easily learn. Apart from her classes owns two Facebook groups where she takes online lessons free for enthusiastic learners. “I keep posting recipes, show demonstrations and share tips on the groups, which now has a number of followers,” quips Manisha, basically a home maker with a daughter and husband to look after.   

What does she teach to cook her students? Dum Aloo, Malai Kofta, Paneer Makhani, Chole Bhature, Palak Paneer, Methi Matar Malai, and Butter Paneer Pulao. In Chinese there is Manchurian, Fried rice, Hakka noodles and American choosy. For non-vegetarians, there’s Butter chicken, Chicken masala, Tandoori chicken, Chicken tikka, Chicken Kolhapuri, Mutton Kolhapuri and Mutton kheema. In desserts there are ice creams. “I use no machine, no chemicals and all 100 per cent natural ingredients and they are eggless. The flavours could are 50 plus - Mango Kulfi, Shahi Kulfi, Pan Kulfi and lots more,” says Manisha, adding, “There are flavours like Pan, Chilly, Honey n fig, Tender coconut, Mango and Chocolate. We also teach two layer ice creams.   

Tempty Cooking Classes teach yummy mocktails and milkshakes - Pink lady, Blue lagoon, Pina colada, Fruit punch, Orange blossom, Oceanic queen, Thick shakes, Rich chocolate shake, Rose n tender as well as Paan shots.   

For those who wish to spend less time in the kitchen every day, Manisha teaches instant premixes to make tasty snacks like Idli, Dosa, Dhokla, Upma, Medu vada, Bhajia and various side dishes like chutneys. She also teaches to make Punjabi gravy premixes and instant gravy food packets for home use which can stay at room temperature for three months in India and six months in cold countries. “Make hotel style sabzi at home, ready to eat in minutes with various types of gravies - Red gravy, Golden gravy, Mughali gravy, Green gravy, Brown gravy and ready-to-use Biryani masalas,” shares Manisha.   

Knowing that some don’t like the use of onions in every dish, especially if it is meant for fasting days. Also there are Jains who do not consume garlic or onion and so want the recipes without these ingredients. “For them I have types of gravies - paneer tikka masala, matar paneer, veg Kolhapuri, paneer moghulai, palak paneer (all of these can be cooked in 25 different ways). These are taught in two different styles - Jain style (without onion and garlic) and Non-jain style,” she adds.   

Cooking is an essential life skill that can be learnt at any stage in life. We teach you to prepare and cook food in a professional, creative and enjoyable way. You will be cooking with variety of vegetables, pulses, grains, meats and all food types and flavours with range of techniques,” she explains, adding, “Our one day cooking class will help you become a confident cook. You’ll learn to cook a wide range of exciting dishes using fresh and easy to buy ingredients.”   

At Tempty Cooking Classes, lessons are also taken to teach soups and Pasta premixes wherein how to make Tibetan soup, Lemon coriander soup, Creamy tomato soup, Creamy veggie soup and Manchow soup is taught. We teach Pastas of various types, such as vegetable cheese pasta, Fettuccine pesto sauce pasta, Basil tomato pasta, Penny pasta etc. There are special international desert premix classes too - Cake premix, Cookies premix, Donut premix, Pan cake premix, Waffle premix. The cakes come in varieties like Vanilla, Chocolate, Nachni cake, Vegan banana cakes. Brownie mixes are taught too. The cookies have varieties - Sugar cookies, Chocolate cookies, Oatmeal cookies, Mexican cookies, Ginger cookies, Savoury donut, Vanilla waffle Chocolate waffle and All fruit waffle.   

Manisha also teaches to make Pan cakes and the shelf life of these premixes is 4-6 months. Her Sharbat premixes are Red Rose, Kala Khatta, Kacha Keri, Blue Curacao, Tangy Orange, Black Current, Expresso, Pan Bahar and Mango. These are but few delicacies she is expert in making.   

Those who prefer rice over bread or chapatis, can learn to make   

Mutton biryani, Chicken biryani, Pulao, Fried rice and many varieties of Biryanis. Indian breads like Paratha, Bhakri, Tandoori roti, Stuffed kulcha, Naan, Bhature, puri, Roomali roti are also taught to make.   

“We provide everything, including all ingredients and equipment. All we need from your side is your presence,” appeals Manisha who is eager to give lessons and tips that are not received elsewhere. “Let this new cooking journey change your life and discover your hidden talents,” she invites.   

Her classes are entirely hands-on and taught in a home - from home kitchen environment with lots of hints and tips to give a technical understanding of why certain processes are necessary to broaden your knowledge.   

Regular cooking classes: Each class listed is one class of three hours per day. Each class is independent, one can attend as per his or her choice. The classes are also tailored to meet specific requirement of the attendees. Customised cooking classes: a group of four persons can schedule the class themselves. The classes can be conducted online too, through skype. To book one can WhatsApp on 8830201794.   

“Our recipes are easy to do at home. We take classes in small groups so that the personal relationship with fellow students can add to the richness of the day ensuring that everyone receives the right amount of one-to-one tutoring and full attention in the class. We provide all ingredients and equipments. All you need to provide is you and your time,” she concludes.   

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