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Changes in TCP Act take effect; NOC must for sale of plots

23rd March 2018, 02:40 Hrs

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The Town and Country Planning Department has notified March 22, 2018, as the date on which the provisions of the Goa Town and Country Planning (Amendment) Act, 2017 come into force.   

This means that all registrars registering the sale of plots will insist on an NOC from the Chief Town Planner (Planning) before registering (the sale of) any plots, which are not as per the survey plan issued by the survey department or plots which do not have permissions for sub-division.   

However, no such certificate or “NOC” shall be required to be produced if the sub-divided land or making or layout of any property results from the right of inheritance within a family.   

The Town and Country Planning Department has sent instructions to all the Civil Registrars-cum-Sub Registrars and District Registrars of North and South Goa informing them of the requirement.   

The Town and Country Planning Amendment Bill 2017 passed in the winter session of the assembly last year amended section 49 of the Town and Country Planning Act which makes it mandatory for obtaining a NOC from the Town and Country Planning Department before the sale of land in a bid to control the unauthorized subdivision of land in non-planning


The amendment made section 49 applicable to the whole of Goa. Earlier the NOC termed as the 49-6 NOC was mandatory only for planning areas or PDAs.   

“To act as a deterrent for further conversion and sale of orchard properties, plots under orchard land we are making 49-6 NOC for sale applicable to the whole state of Goa. At the moment the 49-6 is only applicable to planned areas i.e PDA areas,” Sardesai had said.