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P’yat ghar-cum-market complex finds favour at Chinchinim panchayat

Story: the | goan | 22nd March 2018, 01:15 Hrs


In an interesting development, the Chinchinim village panchayat on Wednesday adopted a resolution by majority votes in favor of the construction of the Panchayat ghar cum market complex 

on the land acquired way back in 2011.   

Sarpanch Flory Pereira told the media after the meeting that the resolution in support of the panchayat ghar cum market complex was adopted by 7-4 votes. 

She said that four members had raised their reservation on the panchayat ghar cum market complex project, adding that majority of the panchayat has backed the project.   

The panchayat ghar cum market complex project 

was proposed by the Sarpanch and backed by other six members.   

The Sarpanch told The Goan that the Panchayat would send a detailed project report to the government to take up the construction of the panchayat ghar cum market complex on the acquired land admeasuring 9000-odd square meters. “After the panchayat forwards the proposal to the government, we expect the government to complete the necessary formalities and start work on the long-delayed project,” she said.   

Deputy Sarpanch Valentino Barretto informed that the panchayat has only approved the project, for which it had initially issued the license. “Majority in the the panchayat body has given their approval for the original project, ie the construction of the panchayat ghar cum market complex”, Valentino said, adding that he expects the government to execute the project through the Goa State Infrastructure Development Corporation.   

The question over the project that would come on the land acquired during the previous tenure of Velim MLA Filipe Neri Rodrigues had divide Chinchinim villagers, with two groups of citizens rooting for a panchayat 

ghar cum market complex and a panchayat ghar cum sports complex.   

While MLA Filipe Neri was instrumental in acquiring land admeasuring 9000-odd square meters in 2011 to construct a panchayat ghar cum market complex, work on the project could not take place after his defeat in the 2012 assembly election. His successor Benjamin D’Silva was in favour of a panchayat ghar cum sports complex.