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Manual process ends, registration of job seekers to go online

Story: The | Goan | 22nd March 2018, 02:05 Hrs

PANAJI: The Goa Cabinet on Wednesday approved, a proposal to discontinue the process of job seekers manually registering in the employment exchange, as is currently the process and to take the entire system to the national career service or the NCS.
The decision has mandated that the registration of job seekers and employers will henceforward be done on the NCS online portal and as per the instructions and guidelines for registration on the NCS portal.
Earlier Minister for Labour Rohan Khaunte had mooted the idea of an Aadhaar linked database of job seekers to get a correct picture of how many people are actually in need of a job in Goa.
Figures of employment are often coloured because those who register with the employment exchange don’t cancel their names after they have secured a job, especially if that job is in the private sector. The name is deleted only once the person secures a government job.
The online registration is likely to bring a huge number of younger job seekers to the forum as the process of registering becomes simpler.

Mopa compensation
guidelines approved
PANAJI: The Goa cabinet on Wednesday approved guidelines for implementation of the “additional three times compensation to the persons whose claims lands have been acquired and claims have settled for Mopa Airport project” to ensure that only those deserving beneficiaries receive the compensation.
According to the newly framed guidelines, the scheme is applicable only to the persons whose lands have been acquired as appearing in the Land Acquisition Awards or to the legal heirs and is not applicable to the persons whose name is not appearing in the Land Acquisition Awards and who have purchased the land after the land acquisition process was set in motion.
Further, the government has mandated that the additional compensation will be given only if the initial compensation has been received and subject to the availability of funds, while the beneficiary will not be eligible on any interest if the funds are delayed.
Further, the government has the power to withhold and/or cancel the payment of additional three times compensation if any doubt arises with regard to the eligibility at any point in time.

Higher pay for 
staff in offices
of CM & others

PANAJI: The State Council of ministers has approved a decision of extending the benefits of the Sixth Central Pay Commission to all Group ‘D’ staff appointed on co-terminus basis in the Offices of Chief Minister, ministers, Advocate General, Leader of Opposition and other dignitaries to whom the status of cabinet ministers has been conferred by the government.
The contract-based staff whose contracts run concurrently with the ministers and officials they serve were earlier being paid salaries according to what was stipulated in their contracts.