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No meters, no taxi permits, rules High Court

07th March 2018, 02:12 Hrs

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The Bombay High Court at Goa has reminded the State Government that since it has lifted the moratorium on Rule 140 of the Goa Motor Vehicles Rules, 1991, which mandates all motor cabs or any class of motor cabs shall be fitted with fare meters, no fresh permits can be issued unless the taxi operator has installed a fare meter.   

“These rules contemplate that no new permit be granted or existing permit be renewed unless the motor cabs are fitted with digital meters and also permits shall not be transferred. Prima facie, since Rule 140 has come into effect, these provisions have also come into effect,” a bench of justices Prithviraj Chavan and N M Jamdar said in an order.   

The Advocate General then told the court that on the next date the details as to whether new permits have been granted or renewed, or transfers are taking place without motor cabs having digital meters, shall be placed on an affidavit.   

Late last year, the govt told the Court that it was lifting the moratorium on rule 140 of the Goa Motor Vehicles Rules, 1991, in response to urging from court as well as the TTAG.   

Subsequent to that the Govt floated a tender and bids were called for but the bidders posed certain queries and the State had decided to incorporate additional provisions in the bid documents to facilitate early resolution of the issue.   

The State government has since then floated a fresh tender calling for bids from eligible suppliers for the all in one machine which will incorporate a digital meter, a GPS device, a printer and panic button while also being connected to an overhead display.   

The HC was hearing a petition filed by TTAG against the government for dilly-dallying with the implementing fare meters for taxis in Goa.