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All that the Dixits want is ayurveda as way of life and Goa a place full of wellness

It’s a myth that ayurveda can treat only chronic illnesses, say the Dixits, who are running a well-established clinic in Ponda. And to further their claim, they have record of more than 100 cases where critical patients have walked out of ICUs

Story: BHARATI | PAWASKAR | 05th March 2018, 02:58 Hrs

Case 1:  Doctors at GMC had given up hope of his (name withheld) survival after a road accident left this 22-year-old critically injured. He slipped into coma after a head injury and was put on a ventilator. It was then that the uncle of this youth who was an ayurvedic doctor consulted a renowned ayurvedic doctor in Goa and asked him for help. After seeking necessary permissions, the youth was treated with ayurvedic medicines. Since he was in deep coma, consuming medicines was not possible. So the doses of the ayurvedic medicines were rubbed onto his jaws. Gradually, the doses started working and the boy opened his eyes. As time passed by, he came to his senses fully. After continuing with ayurvedic treatment for some more time, he recovered completely and today is continuing with his further studies.   

Case 2: This man from Goa (name withheld, again) who was suffering from lung cancer was given just three months to survive. His one lung was completely damaged and the other had tumours. With all hopes lost, he turned to ayurveda. It’s been five years now that he is living, taking care of his shop and doing all his daily chores on his own.   

These are but two cases how Ayurveda can help people live a life full of exuberance. Both the cases were successfully treated by Dr Upendra Dixit, an authority in the academic field as well as an expert physician who is known for treating acute and critical conditions along with chronical illnesses with the help of ayurveda. He has to his credit more than 100 ICU patients who have come out of traumatic situations after ayurvedic treatments. His clinic Dixit Ayurveda at Khadapaband, Ponda, is popular not only among the locals, but also foreigners and tourists.   

With wife Dr Madhavilata Dixit, also an ayurvedic practitioner for 23 years, Dr Upendra runs a Panchkarma centre too in Ponda. The duo deal with illnesses such as obesity, diabetes, cancer, gynaecological disorders, paediatric illnesses, nerve-related diseases, asthma, joint disorders, spine-related issues, knee pain, skin diseases, psoriasis, hair fall, loss of hair, baldness, greying of hair, leukoderma, kidney stones and related illnesses, renal failure as well as psychological disorders. Treatments are offered depending upon various factors like ‘prakruti’ (body constitution), ‘agni’ (digestive capacity) and ‘sattva’ (mental strength).   

An author of two books, ‘Flux of Existence: Ayurvedic Vision Study of Panchamahabhuta and Brahma’ as well as ‘Science and technology in ancient India: Section on Ayurveda’, Dr Upendra has been a celebrated speaker at various regional, national and international scientific seminars. 

Dr Madhavilata has mastery over swasthavritta, prevention of diseases, maintenance and promotion of positive health. She has vast experience in treating various acute and chronic diseases and is a complete wellness expert. She is expert in dietetics and regimens for prevention of diseases and maintenance of health, lifestyle management, yoga advice, and guidance for ‘supraja’ and ‘garbhasamskara’ (good progeny).   

The Dixit couple has been serving the people of Goa in curing various ailments and advising on yoga and diet as well as maintaining overall good health. As is said, ayurveda defines the lifestyle of a person so that sickness is kept at bay and to treat the disease (discomfort) in the body (or mind) caused by various factors – food, lifestyle, environment, weather, physical, emotional and psychological state of the person.   

“Along with all these factors, we primarily take into consideration the prakruti (body constitution) of the person which is either kapha, vata or pitta and depending upon the state of these tri-doshas, we try to regulate or restore the balance among these three, which itself is a step towards betterment. The diet of the person, the time of food intake, the quality and quantity of that food, are the deciding factors that lead to health or absence of health is any person and when all these are brought in control, the healing begins,” explains Dr Madhavilata.   

Operating from two places at Ponda, the Dixit couple is known not only for expertise in treating disorders with the science of life – ayurveda – but also for their commitment towards the well-being of human beings and for their social involvement in and outside Goa. “We have over a dozen trained ayurveda doctors with us who assist in various treatment processes. Some of our outpatients who visit us once or twice and then interact regularly over phone, are offered medicines by courier. Home visits are also entertained provided they are in and around Ponda. We plan to expand our facilities in the near future,” briefs Dr Madhavilata.   

She adds, “At our clinic, we work while adhering to ayurvedic principles. It is a myth that ayurveda can treat only chronic conditions.”

“We have around 120 cases on record where critically ill patients have come out of ICUs even after all hope had been lost,” boasts Dr Upendra. He is quick to add that Charak Samhita says that there is no limit for the knowledge of ayurveda and the quest to understand its fundamentals and applications is an life-long process.   

Having won many awards and accolades for their contribution to ayurveda, both Dixits who were associated with Gomantak Ayurved Mahavidyalaya and Research Centre at Shiroda during the initial 15 years of their practice, now plan to expand their area of practice for the benefit of entire Goan population by spreading the awareness of this ancient Indian science of life. 

Dr Madhavilata is actively involved in educating young minds from schools on this holistic branch of medicine, believing that to inculcate healthy habits, one must catch them young, so that the GenNext grows into a healthy population.   

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