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Court dismisses Imran Khan’s petition to ‘free’ his accounts

Story: the | goan | 28th February 2018, 07:09 Hrs


The Bombay High Court at Goa on Tuesday dismissed a petition filed by ore trader Imran Khan who had sought that his bank accounts be de-freezed in order that he can honour loans that he has taken.   

Khan through his petition had pointed out that approximately an amount of Rs 66 crore was frozen, as a result of which, he is unable to comply with the financial liabilities, some of which are towards the statutory authorities such as Income Tax Department, Insurance Companies and also re-payment of certain loans from Finance Institutions.   

To buttress his case, he pointed out that there are several other persons involved, however, only his accounts are are frozen and that the High Court while deciding the application for cancellation of regular bail has prima facie come to the conclusion that there was neither any theft nor any breach of the conditions of the Mines and Minerals (Development & Regulations) Act 1957.   

Earlier the Sessions Court had allowed Khan to withdraw Rs 25 lakh from a current account and HC had specified which account he could withdraw the money from.   

Imran Khan, an accused in an illegal mining case by the special investigation team, has seen his bank accounts frozen as the case progresses.   

The police have built a case that Khan allegedly availed of Environmental Clearance in his name which the Goa State Pollution Control Board found to be fabricated and bogus thus suspended mining in TC no 65/51 belonging to Amalia Figueiredo.   

“He also availed ‘power of attorney’ to act in the said TC 65/51 from the legal heirs of the Amalia Figueiredo before the state government took a decision to transfer the lease from her name to the names of her legal heirs,” Superintendent of Police Karthik Kashyap has said.   

Imran Khan is believed to have run the mine between 2007 and 2012 while the State government had only in the year 2009 approval the lease transfer in the name of legal heirs who had given power of attorney to Imran Khan.