Tue, 26 Mar, 2019

PDA: St Cruz, Chimbel locals to step up stir

Story: MANUEL | VAZ | 20th February 2018, 02:28 Hrs


Even as the Santa Cruz locals displayed their show of strength against inclusion in the PDA on Sunday, realisation seems to have dawned on organisers that the government has not taken them seriously.   

They are now contemplating to take the agitation to the next level, the details of which have been kept a secret.   

“Even after over 2,500 people hit the streets in a peaceful protest opposing the PDA, not a single representative of the government came to meet us, which shows the non-seriousness of the government over the issue,” Arturo D’Souza, one of the organizers, told The Goan.   

“When the taxi operators agitated to highlight their issue, the government was prompt to resolve their issue, but in our case it appears that the government is not interested.”   

“The government should at least have taken cognizance of the issue and met the delegation to understand why the people are opposing PDA,” D’Souza added.