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Politicians spar on Shiv Jayanti

20th February 2018, 02:12 Hrs

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Politicians from Priol and Marcaim constituencies on Monday took digs at each other at the state-level Shiv Jayanti event at Farmagudi, venting out their frustration in the presence of hundreds of school students.  

After paying tributes to Shivaji Maharaj at the fort, Art and Culture Minister and Priol MLA Govind Gawade appealed for self-respect and taunted a rival politician.  

“Are we falling prey to money, chicken and liquor? We should ponder on this issue. There is no meaning in celebrating this day if we don’t have self respect,” he said.  

Speaking further, Gawade said, “On October 2, 2017, some Shivaji followers were cleaning the fort at Farmagudi. I had also joined them. Some reporters asked me about the collapsed wall of the fort, I said my dream would be to beautify the site.”   

“But a few days later, some persons addressed a news conference at this Shivaji fort and said that ‘Patrao’ would carry out the beautification. I don’t know who this ‘Patrao’ is, but I have contributed a lot for this Shivaji fort. Once, Shiv Jayanti was even celebrated at my own cost and my money was later returned by the government,” Gawade said.  

Gawade was tacitly reminding the gathering of his announcement that Shivaji Fort at Farmagudi would be renovated at a cost of Rs 2.5 crore.  

On October 5, 2017, Bandora panchayat members had said that local MLA and PWD Minister Sudin Dhavalikar had planned a flyover in the area to reduce traffic congestion and hence, beautification was delayed.   

While the Shivaji Fort at Farmagudi falls in Marcaim constituency, Gaude, who represents Priol constituency, had inspected the fort on his birthday on October 2, 2017 and had announced its beautification.  

Dhavalikar then responded to Gawade’s comments by asking people to shun their pride.  

“Everyone has pride. Even Shivaji Maharaj had it when lakhs of people were working under him. But his guru Ramdas Swami brought this to his notice and brought him out of it. Hence, I request you all not to be proud.”   

“We should not boast of what we have done, but we should mention what we plan to do for society,” responded a sarcastic Dhavalikar.  

He then announced that Shivaji Fort at Farmagudi would be beautified by the PWD and expected support from all.  

An uneasy Bandora Sarpanch Ramchandra Naik then recalled the incident of the news conference and clarified that his intention was not to do politics. “The panchayat had inspected the fort after a wall had collapsed. We went to the PWD minister and requested him to take up renovation work. He said a flyover in front of PES college has to be constructed before renovation work.”   

“We had convened the news conference and nobody should take it in the wrong spirit. We don’t want any politics over this fort and we will be grateful if this fort is beautified,” said Naik.  

“I appeal to Art and Culture Minister Govind Gaude and PWD Minister Sudin Dhavalikar to help us to beautify this fort.” Ramchandra Naik said.  

Information and Publicity Director T S Sawant, ZP member Chitra Phadate, Dr Lahoo Gaikawad and others were present on the occasion.