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St Cruz locals say firm ‘no’ to PDA, serve ultimatum

19th February 2018, 02:32 Hrs

the goan I network


Thousands of people participated in a peaceful candlelight rally at Santa Cruz, on Sunday, to show their opposition to the inclusion of parts of St Cruz constituency in the PDA, before serving a one month ultimatum to the government to denotify PDA from the constituency failing which the agitators warned to hit the streets again with a much bigger agitation.

The rally started from the Santa Cruz church and wound its way through Cujira before hitting the highway where the agitators made a brief halt at the Santa Cruz-Merces junction where a huge posse of police were posted anticipating blockade of the highway.

The rally then passed through the road leading towards the market and the agitators again assembled at the Santa Cruz church complex where an ultimatum was served to the government. Before the start of the rally, a member of the group leading the agitation ‘We the people of St Cruz’ Domnic Fernandes made a plea to the people to participate in the protest in a peaceful way and not to cause obstruction to the traffic. Parish priest of Santa Cruz church Fr Alexander then led the people in a prayer before giving the green signal to begin the march.