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Going green: Goa’s forests show marginal increase

19th February 2018, 03:32 Hrs

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The State’s forests have grown by 19  square kilometres up from the earlier 2,210 square kilometres in the year 2015 to now 2,229 square kilometres as reported by Forest Survey of India in its recent report.  

However, a bulk of the contribution is believed to have come not from native forest but plantation beyond the registered forest area. Among the native forest area, the report has indicated a decline of six sq km decline in the forest cover due to various types of works were undertaken in the forest area.  

  Goa’s total area is 3,702 square kilometres. Due to the increase in forest area of 19 sq km Goa’s total forest cover has reached 60.21% with a minor increase of 0.51%. This includes mangroves and plantation which also register as canopy cover.  

Goa had 76 water sources in 2005, which has increased up to 84 in the year 2015, survey report disclosed.

However, as a positive, Goa’s ‘very thick forest cover’ has increased up to 2 sq km. 

The forest cover in the States is reviewed by conducting the Forest Surveys every two years. Earlier, this area was 536 sq km and now has grown to 538 square kilometres.  

Dense forest area has reduced by 4 sq km. Earlier, dense forest cover was spread in 580 sq km of forest area and now it is decreased to 576 square kilometres. The open forest area was 1,094 square kilometres in the year 2015. It has now increased to 1,115 square kilometres, as a result, there is an increase of 21 sq km in the open forest area.