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Nuvem p’yat to ask for inclusion of River Sal in wetlands list

19th February 2018, 05:12 Hrs

the goan I network
The Nuvem gram sabha on Sunday resolved to ask the Goa State Wetlands Authority to include the portion of River Sal flowing through the village and other major water bodies as wetlands of the state. The gram sabha also called for taking up development on scientific lines taking into account the needs and requirements of the village on a sustainable basis. 
The meeting chaired by Sarpanch Dr Breezy Barretto also constituted the garbage management committee. 
Gram sabha member Jose Roque Andrade said as the Goa State Wetland Authority (GSWA) is preparing a list of all the wetlands in the State as per Wetlands (Conservation and Management) new Rules of Union Ministry for Environment and Forest (MoEF), he would like to include part of the River Sal and other major ponds in Nuvem village which are within the definition of wetland in the wetlands inventory.
 Zarina Da Cunha spoke about the formulation of an Environmental Disaster Preparedness scheme given the development work (specially western Bypass and highways) affecting River Sal, flood plains, Rumbder lake, etc. The audit report which was placed before the gram sabha was not approved since it did not comply with audit norms. The audit report will now come before the gram sabha only after the compliance report is placed before the members.