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15 stripped of cash withdrawn from ATMs in Dabolim

Story: the | goan | 15th February 2018, 01:38 Hrs


The safety and security of ATMs and banking systems have come under the spotlight after 15 people from in and around Dabolim were reportedly duped of cash which was fraudulently withdrawn from their accounts via ATM transactions over the last two days.  

According to sources, the fraudulent cash withdrawals from ATMs began on Tuesday afternoon, after some people began receiving messages on their mobiles that money was withdrawn via ATM transactions, even though they had not effected any transaction at the time of the message.   

When the people concerned check with their banks, they were shocked to learn that money had been withdrawn through ATM transactions.  

“Initially, the money was withdrawn from an ATM in Chicalim, but later transactions were done from different parts of North Goa, including places like Porvorim and Galim in Bicholim,” the source said.  

Sources informed that most account holders duped had an account with a nationalised bank.  

With several people rushing to the bank to demand CCTV footage of ATM withdrawals, the bank officials requested the account holders to lodge a police complaint and file an FIR in the matter.  

Several people then went to the Vasco police station to register a complaint, with proof of messages on mobiles that cash was withdrawn using their ATM cards even though they had not done any such transactions.  

One complainant, Suvarna Goankar, said two family members had lost Rs 50,000 through fraudulent ATM transactions.  

“My husband had gone to Karwar and my son was in Margao. A message was sent that Rs 30,000 was withdrawn from my husband’s account and he called me to find if I had withdrawn the money.”  

“Before I could react, my son called me to say Rs 20,000 had been withdrawn from his account as well. Within a gap of 20 minutes, our family lost Rs 50,000. My son’s money was withdrawn from Galim in Bicholim,” said Goankar.  

Another complainant, Ryan Dsouza, said Rs 10,000 was withdrawn from his account withdrawn from an ATM in Porvorim. “It was difficult for us to go there and ask the bank for CCTV footage at the ATM,” he said.  

“The culprits have targeted mostly residents in and around Dabolim, while withdrawals were done at ATMs across Goa,” he added.  

Rajesh Kurade said his friend, who is out of station, had Rs 5,000 fraudulently withdrawn from his account. “My friend has not even filed a police complaint as he felt that there was no hope as banks were reluctant to offer help in providing footage,” Kurade said.  

“I have come to register a police complaint on my friend’s behalf and see what best can be done.”   

Skimmer may have been used to 
obtain data, says PI  
VASCO: Stating that most of the people duped had recently visited the ATM of a nationalised bank in Dabolim, Vasco PI Nolasco Raposo said prima facie investigation indicated that a skimmer may have been used to obtain data of people using their debit cards at the ATM.  
“Vasco police has got in touch with the manager and senior officials of the bank and has sought CCTV footages of the ATM,” said PI Raposo.  
“It appears that the culprits installed a skimmer and spy camera in an unmanned ATM (no security guard) of the Dabolim ATM of the bank and subsequently copied data, obtained passwords and fraudulently withdrew money from ATMs mostly in North Goa.”  
“Bank officials are likely to file an official police complaint and further investigation will be conducted on receipt of the complaint,” PI Raposo added.