Tuesday, 22 May, 2018
   Fishermen at Kharewado demand extension of fishing jetty, approach Fisheries Minister Vinod Palyekar to direct police to be lenient to migrant labours on fishing boats.   Prime Suspect in Curchorem Basuraj Bakdi Murder Case case, Aditya Gujar (Uttar Pradesh) arrested by Curchorem police.   All eyes on JD(S)-Cong meeting in Delhi today   Mission accomplished, says Congress in Goa   MGP, BJP set to take over reins of PMC   Pope elevates Goan-origin bishop as cardinal   Demand for utilisation of water from mining pits in Pissurle   Members unhappy over slow pace of pre-monsoon works in Bandora

Cheesy much?

Story: #TGLIFE | 14th February 2018, 06:27 Hrs

Men! Sometimes they are really clueless about how to get a girl’s attention. From doing some stupid daredevil stunts to praising themselves infront of a girl, they do give the ladies plenty to roll their eyes at and facepalm.   

And the pick up lines! Yes. Plenty of guys still try their luck with these. Classic ones include, “I think I know you, yeah you look just like my next girlfriend” or “Do you know what my shirt is made of? Boyfriend/girlfriend material?” or “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”  

And with it being Valentine’s Day, it’s yet another reason to try and get the attention of that person you’ve had your eye on. Although the success rate with using pick up lines depends on how smart, inventive or cringe worthy they are, they do make for plenty of hilarious memories for the girls. And perhaps an instant block on social media and complete ignoring in real life.  

But guys, if you’re looking at using pick up lines, here’s a look at a few lines you probably should stay away from.

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