Saturday, 16 February, 2019

Coliform bacteria likely cause of water contamination in Charavane

Story: the | goan | 14th February 2018, 01:07 Hrs


Amid indications that coliform bacteria in a well water may have led to over 45 persons taking ill at Charavane-Sattari, health authorities conducted awareness programmes in the area and advised people to avoid well water for drinking purposes for the next few days.   

Since the last few days, a number of people from Charavane took ill. Many had vomited, had stomach ache and diarrhoea, prompting health authorities in Valpoi along with a Manipal Virus Research Centre team to survey the area and collect blood and stool samples along with samples from the water bodies.   

The health team headed by Medical Officer Dr Varsha Kerkar along with sanitary Inspector Pagi, health worker Viraj Sawant, local panch Prashila Gawas, ZP member Fati Gaonkar visited the village and conducted an advocacy camp at the Devasthan temple.   

Dr Varsha Kerkar appealed to the people not not to use the well water for some time as it was found to have been contaminated by coliform bacteria. The villagers were also advised not to defecate in the open, as it could give rise to coliform bacteria.   

Commenting on the patients treated at the OPD and others admitted in the Valpoi CHC, Dr Kerkar said there was no need to panic, but advised people to be serious about the health management in village. “Open defecation can create harmful effects on the health of people. Coliform bacteria is identified in sample collected from the water well. Chlorine has been used to destroy the bacteria responsible for the water contamination and villagers are advised not to use this water for drinking purposes,” she said.   

In his address, ZP member Fati Gaonkar requested people to be serious about health and appealed to them to follow guidelines laid down by heath officials.   

Speaking to The Goan, many people voiced serious concern about open defection and the release of sewage water in the open gutters. “This issue has been raised in the Thane panchayat gram sabha on many occasions, but there has been no positive response from authorities concerned. Health authorities must take serious note of this situation,” complained Gokale Naik.   

Meanwhile, Valpoi Water Supply Assistant Engineer Eknath Paste said, “The department plans to link this village to the Dabose Water Treatment Plant through a special pipeline,” Paste said.