Tuesday, 20 February, 2018
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TCP moves proposal on green buildings

14th February 2018, 02:35 Hrs

the goan I network
Chief Town Planner, Dr S.T. Puttaraju, has informed that TCP department has moved a proposal on green buildings to the state government. 
Speaking to The Goan Everyday, Dr Puttaraju said, “Once the government gives in-principle nod to it, we will be coming out with clear rules and regulations for green buildings in Goa.” 
Typically, builders demand certain incentives from the state government to make green buildings. This is because such buildings are more expensive to construct. It’s not clear as of now as to what kind of incentives the state government will offer for making green buildings in the state.  
The state government can either offer extra floor-area-ratio (FAR) or tax concessions to incentivise the builders for constructing green buildings.  
“Even at the moment, there are many green buildings in the state. As of now, we recommend certain measures to the builders while giving approvals for making buildings green. Soon, we will have a regulation,”  Dr Puttaraju said adding the concept will apply to both government as well as private buildings.  
“Take the case of South Goa District Hospital which is being constructed. It’s per day water requirements should be in the range of 4 lakhs litres. However, if we adopt measures like double plumbing, per day water requirement can be reduced by 50-55%.  If every building goes for such measures, we will have huge savings of water in the state.” 

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