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Attempt to rob Margao bank, lone burglar caught on CCTV

Story: the | goan | 13th February 2018, 01:07 Hrs


Burglars made an abortive, but daring attempt to burgle the Margao branch of the Madgaum Urban Cooperative Bank located in the heart of the commercial, just meters away from the Lohia Maidan on Sunday.  

A lone masked burglar barged inside the bank in the wee hours of Sunday by cutting the rear window grill and after removing the exhaust fan. Once inside, the burglar, whose movements have been caught on the CCTV camera, tried to open each and every drawer, but in vain.  

He was seen on the first floor of the building and tried to remove the floor tiles in a bid to enter the strong 

room from above, but was unsuccessful.  

The incident came to light on Monday morning when the bank was opened for the day. The staff found the drawers in damaged condition. Soon, realization dawned on them that most of the drawers were tampered with in a bid to open them and an attempt was made to open the strong 

room from the first floor as was evident from the damaged floor tiles.

The Margao police was intimidated of the daring incident by the branch officials, after which a sniffer dog was pressed into service. A finger print expert was called in. 

Following a complaint lodged by the branch manager, Sandesh Hegde Desai, the police have registered an FIR against unknown culprits for burglary.   

Margao PI Kapil Nayak told The Goan that the incident occurred in space of three 

hours, between 3 am to 6 am on Sunday. 

He said the CCTV camera has captured a lone person moving inside the premises with his face covered with a mask. “The miscreant tried to tamper with the CCTV cameras installed inside the bank,” he said.  

When questioned whether the bank had no provision of a security guard, PI Kapil replied in the negative, saying the bank had discontinued the services of the security guard since last one month.  

Burglary attempt at time when police carrying out security audit of banks 
MARGAO: The daring attempt to burgle the Margao branch of the Madgaum Urban Cooperative Bank  
has comes at a time when the Margao police had kicked started the exercise to carry security audit of the banks in the commercial capital.  
Margao police station in-charge, PI Kapil Nayak told The Goan that police personnel attached to the  
Margao police station have started moving around the city, carrying out the security audit of the banks.  
He said the police personnel have been asked to ascertain whether the banks have been following the security advisory, including installation of night vision CCTV cameras, with minimum 90 days back-up facility. The security audit is expected to find out whether the banks located in sensitive areas have deployed security guards with fire arms. 
“The banks are required to install security alarm having motion sensors with facility to audio dial preset message to the police; install sliding gates at the entrance and cash safe room; built in obstacles to deter outsiders to access strong room/cash safe easily and briefing of security guards to check suspicious visitors,” he informed.