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Mum’s the word

Story: CHRISTINE | MACHADO | 04th February 2018, 07:03 Hrs

Being a mother is hardwork. From making sure that the kids are in the pink of health, taking up their lessons, tending to their hurts, providing a listening ear to dealing with the never ending list of household chores, and the stress of a career, it’s a wonder how mothers do it everyday. And yet they continue to be the superheroes without capes day in and day out. But a lot of times this often means sacrificing on the little or any time that they have for themselves. And Fenesy Nazareth being a mother of twins herself understands this well. It was with this intentions that she formed Supermommies of Goa back in 2015.   

“I had the idea of forming a women’s group a long time ago but for some reason or the other it never happened. After the arrival of my twins and with all the social media networking options available I decided to get down to doing it. With a lot of my friends also new mothers , I decided to make it a group for mothers,” says Nazareth. The main purpose of the group is to give mothers their much deserved ‘me’ time. A lot of mothers don’t go out and socialise at all. Their lives revolve around their kids and housework. This group is a platform for mothers to connect with each other, to be there for each other as a support system and for moms to enrich their life with socialising events,” says Nazareth.

Presently the group consists of 70 members on the Whatsapp group and around 500 on the Facebook group. The group is open to mothers of all ages who are residing in Goa. “We have mums from across Goa on the group from villages like Chandor to cities like Vasco, Ponda and Mapusa. Apart from this we also have Goan mothers who are living in the metro cities as well as some who live in the UK and Dubai,” informs Nazareth. The group meets up once a month for a number of different activities ranging from workshops to charity drives and just simple night outs.  

Recently the group conducted a fitness party and on February 4 they will having a Carnival themed party at Benaulim beach where they hope to meet more mothers. There will be games, a zumba session as well as pound fitness which is all the rage, says Nazareth.

“We also promote mumpreneurs on the group because we believe that having a business of her own can really enrich a mother’s life,” says Nazareth. Wellness and fitness especially play a very important part of the group. “With so many instances of adulteration of food, it is important that the mother as the head of the family should make wise food choices . We also encourage fitness as a daily part of the routine beause it is important that a mother stay fit ,” she says. Each day has a different theme on their Whatsapp group. “For instance, we have themes like Business Mondays where mothers share posts about their business on the group or Cooking Fridays where mothers are encouraged to share only healthy food recipes ,” she says, adding that they steer away from making it into a parenting forum.  

And the group has helped Nazareth a lot too, she admits, while also helping her discover new things about herself. “I have learnt to develop my leadership skills and also patience. The group has also been a bounty of creative ideas,” says Nazareth, who is a designer herself. And she is all excited to carry on the good work. “While the going was slow in the beginning, the group has really caught up in the last few months and there have been a lot of calls to have more workshops and events. We are looking at having more charity drives and looking at also starting kids development programmes. Apart from this we are also looking at starting a marathon and already have a small team ready,” says Nazareth.

“Every mom has different kinds of challenges,” she adds. “For instance, some moms might not be encouraged to socialise at all, others might have no support system where they can leave their child and pursue a career. But it is these challenges and the multitasking that makes every mom a super mom to go ahead, conquer all their fears and achieve all that they desire along with raising a wonderful family.”

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