Friday, 18 January, 2019

32 houses on Baina shore to be demolished today

Story: the | goan | 18th January 2018, 01:29 Hrs


Thirty-two houses along the Baina shore will be demolished on Thursday for violation of CRZ norms.   

A total of 38 houses were planned to be demolished on Thursday, but owners of six houses have got a stay on the demolition.   

Deputy Collector Mahadev Arondekar told the media that six houses were granted temporary stay and got appropriate stay from the NGT within two weeks.   

A meeting was convened in the deputy collector’s office along with Mamlatdar, Mormugao DySP Sunita Sawant and heads of various departments and all the preparations for demolition have been done that will begin at 7 am. Fire tenders, ambulances and a strong police force will be present to avoid any law and order situation.   

It may be recalled that Deputy Collector Arondekar had informed that they had received a reminder letter from CRZ authorities on January 1 to comply on action based on the previous letter and accordingly on the basis of the reminder letter, a direction was issued to the Mamalatdar who visited Baina shore some days back and accordingly identified the 38 houses.   

A total of 121 houses were found violating CRZ norms and a demolition was planned in 2017 after CRZ authorities wrote to the deputy collector regarding the violations by the houses. 

However, four houses were washed away and the owners of 68 houses approached the high court, while 11 house owners approached the NGT and were granted stay against the demolition. However, the remaining 38 house owners who had not approached authorities didn’t have any stay over the planned demolition.   

With the stay granted to another six houses, 32 houses will be demolished on Thursday.