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Wednesday, 12 December, 2018

Industries get govt booster

# Construction rules amended n Additional 14 lakh sq mts released in industrial estates

14th January 2018, 03:04 Hrs


the goan I network
In what should come as a boost to the industrial sector, the state government has released 14 lakh square meters of land for industries in all industrial estates of Goa by amending Goa Land Development and Building Construction Regulations. This should help industries, which otherwise complain that they have to wait for years for allotment of plots in the state.
Due to these amendments, 10% extra land has been released to industries in all industrial estates of Goa and also in all other lands controlled by Goa Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC).
Speaking to media, Glen Souza Ticlo, chairman, GIDC, said, "The government has reduced open space in industrial estates from 15% earlier to 7.5% now. Moreover, land reserved for amenities and utilities like post-office and telephone has also been reduced from 7.5% earlier to 5% now. Overall, this translates to 10% extra land in all industrial estates of Goa, which can be allotted to industries."
Narayan M Gad, managing director, GIDC, said, "GIDC has a total of 1.4 crore square meters of land in Goa. Additional 10% means 14 lakh square meters of more land for industries. However, part of this land is in terrain like hills, which can't be used."
Certain other changes were also made to Goa Land Development and Building Construction Regulations, which will help in creating more land for industries in the state.
For example, coverage for industrial plots has been increased from 50 to 60 per cent. Maximum permissible floor-area-ratio (FAR) for construction in industrial estates has been increased from 100 to 150 per cent.
Shekhar Sardessai, director, GIDC, said, "Industry was demanding that government makes these changes to the egulations. This is because land controlled by GIDC has been saturated. Moreover, land acquisition has become very expensive. Thanks to these changes, more land will be created for industries now."
It took the state government a lot of time to notify these amendments.
The draft of the said amendments was issued in 2016.
Gad further said, "The board of GIDC has approved certain amendments, which will make sub-lease and transfer of industrial plots easier. There is a provision, which says an application for sub-lease/transfer will be deemed approved if the applicant doesn't hear anything from GIDC within 21 days of sending the application. This means GIDC will have to decide on such cases within 21 days. This amendment has been sent to Advocate General, Dattaprasad Lawande, for vetting."