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Wednesday, 12 December, 2018

Saxtti Masala

Story: guilherme | almeida | 14th January 2018, 06:39 Hrs

Jack Sequeira's statue: Will CM accede to GF demand?

Will he or won't he accept the popular demand of Goemkars to install the statue of the father of the Opinion Poll, Jackbab Sequeira? And, will he give his nod for the inclusion of the historic Opinion Poll in the school curriculum coinciding with the golden jubilee of the one and only referendum in Independent India? These and other questions will certainly come to haunt the coalition government as the Chief Minister Manoharbhai Parrikar is expected to descend at Margao for the 50th anniversary celebration of the Opinion Poll. Manoharbhai has given his full financial backing and support to his TCP Minister Vijaibab Sardesai to refurbish the Colva Circle-Ravindra Bhavan road and name it as the Opinion Poll Square. Wait and watch as the TCP Minister will certainly expect the Chief Minister to accede to the party's demand for Jackbab Sequeira's statue in the Legislative Assembly complex. Wait and watch. 

GF plans big on Opinion Poll Day
All eyes will be focused on Vijaibab Sardesai and his Goa Forward party on Opinion Poll day, but for a different reason. While Chief Minister Manoharbhai Parrikar will inaugurate the Opinion Poll Square and is expected to unveil government plans on Jack Sequeira's statue, the willy Goa Forward supremo will be going to Saxttikars on Opinion Poll day with a public meeting at the Lohia Maidan - Vijaibab's and Goa Forward's first meeting in Saxttidom, nearly 10 months after the regional party decided to support the saffron brigade, leaving the Saxttikars shocked and dazed. That the Goa Forward has attached importance for the Lohia Maidan meeting is evident by the fact that the party top brass, including the Ministers, Babush Monserrate and others attended a party meeting to ensure the success of the meet. Wait and watch.

Now, govt comes to Fatorda?
Why is Urban Development Minister Francisbab D'Souza not often seen in Margao compared to his previous stint in office? Or, has he stopped visiting the commercial capital with the coalition government headed by Manoharbhai Parrikar and supported by TCP Minister Vijaibab Sardesai ruling the state? Well, Francisbab was in Fatorda on Sunday to inaugurate the sports infrastructure at Don Bosco institute initiated under the Francis scheme when he made a reference to his long absence from Margao during the last 10 months. In a lighter vein, the Urban Development Minister attributed his absence to the fact that there's now no need for him to visit the commercial capital since the government has now come to Fatorda. His remark drew laughter even from the TCP Minister, but also made many others to read between the lines over Francisbab's comments.

Durgadas draws ire
Around this time round a year ago, Durgadas Kamat was a man of action, assisting Goa Forward supremo Vijaibab Sardesai, addressing the media over party's programmes and policies and lending a helping hand to Vinodbab Paliencar to streamline his campaign in Siolim. A year down the line, Durgadas has not only come under the scanner of Vijaibab, but also the party rank and file from Siolim, who are gunning for his head over serious differences with the grass root workers. Vijaibab has told his close aides that Durgada, Paliencar and Miltonbab formed the formidable troika that managed to upset Mandrekar's apple cart in Siolim. The Goa Forward leadership is trying to figure out what has suddenly gone wrong between Vinodbab-Durgadas camp and Miltonbab and grass root party workers in Siolim. Wait and watch as the GF leadership is expected to take a call on the row post Opinion Poll celebrations.

Girish's tirade against Vijai
What was anticipated all along in Congress circles that AICC Secretary Girishbab Chodankar will take on arch rival and TCP Minister Vijaibab Sardesai sooner rather than later has come true. In fact, it was a week when the AICC secretary returned back to hit at Vijaibab over the coconut shortage plaguing the Goemkars. That the AICC secretary hit hard at Vijaibab has sent clear indications that the Congress leader is ready to single-handedly take on the ruling dispensation, more so the TCP Minister. The development also comes against the backdrop of the utter silence on the part of the Congress leaders, including the MLAs, to leave Vijaibab scot-free, while only training their guns at Manoharbhai and the saffron brigade. The battle has just begun, but the question doing the rounds in political circles is how far will the Congress leadership allow Girishbab to go in his battle against Vijaibab. Wait and watch.