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Wednesday, 12 December, 2018

One held in Siolim for brandishing fake fire arm

Story: the | goan | 13th January 2018, 04:30 Hrs
Anjuna Police arrested ‘Yogi', a native of Delhi, for allegedly brandishing a pistol and creating panic among residents of a building in Siolim on Friday.
The accused was arrested for trespass and issuing threat, police said.
According to police, the accused, Yogi, who was under the influence of alcohol, entered with a fake pistol in his hand inside a residential building near the SFX School, Siolim, at about 9 am.
The accused was looking for one, Clinton Fernandes, who apparently owed him money, police informed.
The gun wielding accused created panic among the building residents, who all huddled below the building, while the accused ran up to the first floor swearing at Clinton and brandishing the gun in one hand.
A police team rushed to the site after one of the building occupants relayed information to Anjuna Police Station.
Clinton Fernandes had apparently bought a flat on rent in the building and at the time of the incident was not in, but his friend, Gagjit was inside the flat.
One of the cops climbed inside the flat through a balcony and managed to open the front door. After conducting a search of the flat, they found a frightened Gagjit huddled in one of the rooms.
Yogi, whose real name is Gautam Gundal, has been residing in Anjuna for the last 15 years, police sources informed.
Both Yogi and Clinton Fernandes are into event
management, sources further said.