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Wednesday, 12 December, 2018

The right plan

Filmmaker Severino Fernandes’ upcoming Konkani film Planning Devachem delves into the drug menace in Goa and its adverse effect on the youth

Story: BASIL | SYLVESTER | 07th January 2018, 03:38 Hrs

Planning Devachem (God's Plan) embodies the virtues of not being ahead of oneself and following the righteous path as to His design. Set to be the first Konkani film release of the year, Planning Devachem is the first movie to be produced under the banner of M/S Goan Trinity Films.
Ever since, he was a young child, filmmaker, Severino Fernandes always nursed a dream to make a quality Konkani film which would be on par with any Bollywood film. Three years back, the Sangolda-based youth began to write the script that presented the current scenario in the state of Goa whereby the youth are being adversely impacted by the drug menace.
Through the film, the scriptwriter brings to crying attention the fact that there are people, who for their avaricious need of making a quick buck, ruin the society with youth lured into their trap.
But then there is Divine Providence called for intervention when a spiritual leader concerned with the youth going astray prays fervently to God. He pleads with the Heavenly Father to send His plan in the lives of our youth to change their lives for the better. This is when an honourable and reliable police officer comes to the fore and nabs the drug mafia leader and puts him behind bars.
The big-budget film promises to provide a full-package with action, romance, comedy and various hues of emotions blended in the 125-minutes entertainer. With the songs of the film going viral and its music CD released weeks earlier doing well in the market, the catchy numbers will surely have the audience hoping they could watch the songs on big screen again. The seven songs in the film are Planning Devachem , Utta Bostana, Ghumtan Gheun, Kacna, Yalla Habibi, Khushi Zata and O mujea Mai. For the first time in history of Konkani cinema, belly dancing is introduced in a tri-lingual song, Yalla Habibi. This song is written in three languages, namely Arabic, Spanish and Konkani with Soccorro D'Souza, who also acts in the film coming up with the Arabic part, Brazilian singer, Carlita Maria with the Spanish lyrics and Severino bringing in the Konkani touch.
The movie begins with a hot chase on the streets followed by a fight with action sequences said to have never been witnessed in Konkani films before. The lady who is chased is a daughter of a wealthy woman. She is saved from the clutches of the hooligans by a handsome young man whose heroism ends in her falling head over heels in love with him. Little does she realize who he truly is and when she does come to know he is on the wrong path, she tries to change him for the better. But her love only pretends to reform. Meanwhile, he comes across another beautiful young lady and his mind diverts towards her. She also tries to change him from the bad to the good but she is unsuccessful in her endeavour as well. In the climax, he in lieu brings a change in both the women. How the story intricately unravels in the end promises to redefine how Konkani cinema is regarded.
The biggest challenge that the film producer faced during the year-long shooting was trying to ensure that it will be a commercial success. "It is not easy to make a commercial Konkani film. I have mainly taken artistes from Mangalore and Goa to increase the audience for my film. If we have a larger audience, we can make good Konkani films. Besides, to bring stage artistes from tiatr to act is difficult given their regular shows. But that said they are very cooperative as well. For a larger audience, it is imperative to involve artistes from not only Goa, but Mangalore as well," revealed Severino on the challenges he had at hand.
The film is shot in Goa and Karwar. The filmmaker brought in professional technicians from Hyderabad and Bengaluru. Award-winning sound engineer from the Kannada industry, Venkatesh was roped in for the sound engineering. The film underwent post-production at Chamundeshwari Studio, Bengaluru. "For the first time in Konkani industry, for post production, colour correction is done using base light technology," the film producer stated.
The film produced under the banner of M/S Goan Trinity Films has Severino Fernandes as producer, script writer and lyricist. Also on the crew are Rajesh Fernandes with direction and screenplay, Ramesh Babu as DOP, Height Manju as dance choreographer, Thriller Manju as fight master, Shane Gomes as stuntman and Raphael Vinay as music director
The cast include Tapan Acharya, Seema Buthello Kundapura, Cecille Rodrigues, Shane Gomes, Valentina Xavier, John D'Silva, Prince Jacob, Annie Quadros, Krishna Signapurkar, Anil Pednekar, Sunil Pednekar, Ron Rodrigues, Kenny, Stanny Alvares, Socorro Dsouza, Clare Rodrigues , Sunita Pinto, Spirit Fernandes and Nelia Fernandes. Oliver Sean, Carlita Maria, Sylvia Fernandes, Blasio Pinto, Anita D'Souza, Nihal Tauro and Laura Santan have rendered their vocals for the film.
Outside the state, the film will be screened in places such as Karwar, Honnavar, Bengaluru, Mangalore, Belgavi, Mumbai and Pune. It will also be shown overseas in countries like Uganda, Kenya and Israel.
"Goans should watch this film as they should understand the power of God's plan. We should not plan on our own, as it will not be successful. In order to succeed, you have to take the help of God's plan and need not worry about anything else," the film producer asserted.
Planning Devachem is slated to be the first Konkani film release in 2018 with its premiere on January 9 at 7.30 pm, Pai Tiatrist Hall, Ravindra Bhavan, Margao.

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