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‘Continue extending free treatment to non-Goans at GMC’

Story: the | goan | 31st December 2017, 07:14 Hrs

Expressing shock over the State government's decision to charge patients from outside Goa for medical treatment at GMC hospital in Bambolim from January 1, a Karwar-based lawyer on Friday petitioned the government to continue extending free services to people from Karwar and Joida in Karnataka and Sindhurdurg in Maharashtra as well.
Advocate R V Naik submitted the petition on behalf of the public from Karwar, Joida and Sindhudurg to Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar, with copies to the health minister and Opposition Leader Babu Kavlekar.
"We are in shock on hearing the news that the Goa government will stop all free medical facilities to patients from outside the state of Goa from January 1, 2018 and that they will be charged for medical treatment at GMC hospital at Bambolim."
"Residents of these areas are basically poor and depend on the hospital at Bambolim for all kinds of medical treatment, including major surgeries. This hospital is near for the people of Karwar and Joida, compared to other hospitals in Kamataka," stated Naik.
Stating that the language spoken by people of Karwar and Joida is Konkani and Marathi, Naik said the people find it easy to interact with doctors and other staff of GMC hospital during treatment and post treatment.
"It is also worth noting that people of this area have been fighting for a while now for merging these areas in the state of Goa because of the common culture and language prevalent in both states. Most temples of Kuladevatas of residents of these areas are located in Goa and the relations of people in this area are more cordial with Goans than with the rest of Kamataka,"he added.
Naik also claimed that many people from Karwar and Joida are working in different companies and establishments in Goa and they find it difficult to treat their parents or dependents at hospitals in Karnataka.
"Most people residing in Karwar and Joida also have marital ties with the people of Goa."
"Under these circumstances, it is humbly requested that the Goa government withdraw the circular regarding the fees for medical treatment to patients from outside Goa and to allow people from other states to seek free treatment in Goa Medical Hospital, Bambolim on humanitarian grounds," stated Naik.