Monday, 28 May, 2018
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High hopes on Tuem ESDM Park? Sorry folks, no plots allotted to anchor units yet

07th December 2017, 01:28 Hrs

PANAJI: Contrary to the announcement made by IT and Revenue Minister Rohan Khaunte in assembly during the monsoon session that, four companies had shown interest in setting up units at Tuem ESDM Park, Info Tech Corporation of Goa (ITG) has informed that no plots have been allotted yet to anchor units at Tuem. This information was accessed from ITG in response to an application under right-to-information (RTI).
This shows that the work on the Tuem ESDM Park has been moving at an extremely slow pace. Earlier in the year, Aequs, a leading firm in aerospace precision engineering, had shown interest in setting up a manufacturing unit at Tuem ESDM Park. At that time, Ameya Abhyankar, secretary information technology (IT), had also said that Aequs was expected to start construction of their facility by year end. The year 2017 has almost come to an end, but Aequs has not yet been allotted a plot.
Apart from Aequs, the other three companies were Smartlink Network Systems, GIT Electronics and Optel Vision. Like Aequs, other three companies too have not been allotted plots at Tuem ESDM Park.
In the reply to RTI, ITG further informed that it is in the process of finalizing the land allotment regulations and building regulations with the consultant, M/s JLL. Obviously then, plot allotment to these four units will only happen once the regulations are finalised.
The anchor units are extremely crucial for Tuem ESDM Park because only after these units are set up that smaller ancillary units will start their operations. In short, without anchor units, Tuem ESDM Park will never be successful.
Meanwhile, Department of IT has allotted land admeasuring 15,000 square meters to the electricity department for setting up of 3X63 MVA, 220/33/11 KV substation at Tuem for ESDM Park. The IT Department has also allotted 5,000 square meters to Public Works Department (PWD) for setting up of underground sump and overhead reservoir at Tuem for ESDM Park.
The slow pace at which Tuem ESDM Park's work is going on can be gauged from the fact that the foundation stone for its approach road was laid two and a half years ago, in June 2015, by the then Chief Minister Laxmikant Parsekar.
Tuem falls in economically backward taluka of Pernem. At the moment, educated locals from Pernem go to Mapusa for employment in large numbers. Given this, Tuem ESDM Park is expected to be a huge boost to Pernem, as it will help in providing employment to a lot of people there. But for that to happen, plots have to be allotted to companies so that they can start their operations soon.



THEN (2015)
Foundation stone for Park's approach road laid by the then CM Laxmikant Parsekar
NOW (2017)
None of the 4 anchor units have been allotted plots at Tuem ESDM Park
* Aequs
* Smartlink Network Systems
* GIT Electronics
* Optel Vision
* Only after these units are set up, will the smaller ancillary units start their operations
* Without anchor units, Tuem ESDM Park will never be successful.
* Educated locals mainly go from Pernem go to Mapusa for employment
* A huge boost to Pernem expected as it will help in providing employment