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Fishermen forum demands Paliencar’s resignation, says ‘unfit’ for the job

ALLEGEs conspiracy against Goan fishermen, request CM take over the portfolio

07th December 2017, 03:04 Hrs
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Several members of the All Goa Fishermen Forum demanded the resignation of Fisheries Minister Vinoda Paliencar. They said that Paliencar is "unfit" for the job and demanded that Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar should retain the fisheries portfolio.
Sections of fishermen even claimed that the Goa Forward Party has risen up to finish them rather than protect Goemkarponn.
Simon Pereira, joint secretary, Goa Fishing Boat Owners Association, said, "We are having so much trouble because Paliencar wants to bring in more laws to harass us. The SGPDA wholesale fish market in Margao has been illegally taken over by non-Goan fish mafia headed by one Ibrahim Moulana. When fish comes from outside, Ibrahim Moulana stops the vehicles and takes control of those vehicles."
The fishermen further claimed they are forced to sell fish at jetties at half the rate to Ibrahim Moulana and other agents because SGPDA wholesale market is full with vehicles from outside Goa.
Pereira later added, "I believe Paliencar is unfit for this job. He should resign and this portfolio should be looked after by the CM."
All Goa Fishermen Forum came down heavily upon Paliencar because he had declared that he would impose tax on fish which is moved out of Goa.
In a press note, the forum said, "The idea of imposing this new tax is to help Moulana and his associates. The fisheries minister is telling us that we shouldn't make profits by selling our fish for a better deal outside Goa, but sell it to Moulana and his non-Goan agents in Goa for half the price and get cheated."
The fishermen lamented that they have not been given VAT reimbursement for one and a half years.
Agnelo Rodrigues, president, Goenchea Raponkar Ekvott, said, "Today, it has been two years since we last got our subsidy for outboard motors. The fisheries department has said they have no finance. But he (Paliencar) claims that he is giving us Rs 5-6 crores of subsidy. If he is giving that much subsidy, he should tell us to whom he has given the money."