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changed mindset necessary

20th November 2017, 07:01 Hrs
Three persons speeding on 2 separate two-wheelers were killed after colliding head-on near Curti junction, on the outskirts of Ponda. According to the police none of them were wearing helmets. It must be said that the police department is doing everything it can to encourage two-wheeler riders to wear helmets. Police personnel have been penalizing helmet-less riders while at the same time showing appreciation to those wearing the helmet. Symposiums are being held to educate the general public on the need to wear a helmet while riding a two-wheeler. But all these efforts do not seem to have the desired result. People seem to be adamant on riding without a helmet. Police cannot take action during the night time against helmet-less riding. In Goa it appears that two-wheeler riders wear a helmet only to avoid having to pay a fine. Some riders could be carrying the helmet either in the box under the seat or hanging if from the arm only to be worn if there is a police official on the way. Bearing a little bit of inconvenience from wearing a helmet can be a matter of life and death. It is understood that the number of vehicles in Goa has crossed the 12 lakh mark thus taking the vehicle population in the state to almost 75% of the human population and that 60% of the vehicles are two-wheeler and the number is increasing by the day. Unless the mindset of the people changes things will not change on the ground and the number of fatal accidents involving two-wheeler could only rise.

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