Sunday, 25 March, 2018

Uproar in Margao wholesale fish market over illegal sale of veggies

Story: the goan network | 13th October 2017, 06:54 Hrs

The SGPDA wholesale fish market witnessed an uproar again on Thursday - this time after vegetable and fruit vendors from the PDA retail market descended at the wholesale fish market to demand removal of the illegal vegetable vendors, who have been doing business
in the market with the blessing of TCP Minister Vijai Sardesai.
The two groups of vegetable vendors later called on the TCP Minister at his residence with the SGPDA vendors demanding a stop to vegetable and fruit selling activity in the wholesale fish market.
After hearing the two groups, the TCP Minister asked the PDA vegetable vendors led by Francisco Dias time of 8-10 days, promising to work out a solution acceptable to both the groups.
Francisco and other vegetable vendors rushed to the wholesale fish market, demanding that the police crack a whip against the vegetable and fruit selling activity in the market. They contended that the wholesale fish market is meant only for the sale of wholesale fish and not for any vegetable and fruit selling activity. "Our vegetable and fruit business in the SGPDA market has been affected by the activity in the wholesale fish market. The vendors, who are doing business in the wholesale fish market, have their stalls in the PDA vegetable market, but these vendors prefer to sit in the wholesale fish market," Francisco told the media.
He pooh poohed the claim of the vendors in the wholesale fish market that they only bring their locally grown produce in the market, saying these vendors procure their vegetable requirements from the Gandhi market.
When the police tried to stop the vegetable vendors from doing business in the wholesale fish market, a contractor was seen repeatedly trying to call the TCP Minister and his wife to intervene.
The contractor also challenged the media persons covering the issue, saying they will not be able to do anything to the vendors.