Friday, 23 March, 2018

Margao citizens show the way

Crack whip against hawkers, illegal selling of fish

Story: the goan | network | 12th October 2017, 06:34 Hrs

Vigilant citizens of Margao on Wednesday showed the way to the city fathers and civic babus as they descended in the heart of the commercial capital to crack a whip against migrant vendors and hawkers doing business at the Comunidade square.
The Margao police later joined the drive carried out by the vigilance citizens as they seized goods kept on sale at the Comunidade square.
The vigilant citizens also cracked a whip against the illegal fish vendors near the pick-up stand.
Former Margao Municipal Chairperson Savio Coutinho came down heavily on the Margao Municipal Council for abdicating its responsibility to remove the illegal vendors and hawkers doing business right under its nose.
"The Margao Municipal Chairperson Babita Angle Prabhudesai had announced that she would introduce shifts for the Market inspectors to reign in on the illegal vendors after office hours. It's a month now and the shifts of municipal inspectors are yet to materialise. It's sad that there are only announcements and no action against the illegal vendors and hawkers," Coutinho said.
Activist Laurel Abrances demanded that the MMC adopt a resolution banner hawking at the comunidade square.
"It's indeed surprising that outside vendors are doing business right under the nose of the municipal authorities. If the authorities are found wanting in doing their job, why do we need these authorities," he said while demanding that the Municipal authorities initiate action against the illegal vendor.
Activist Felix Dias and many other citizens also joined the drive against the illegal fish vendors
doing brisk business at the pick-up stand.
Earlier in the day, the MMC market inspectors cracked a whip against fruit vendors selling fish illegally in the market area of the city.