Thursday, 22 March, 2018

Voices against drugs go silent; Parrikar’s letter gets no reply

Voices from the ruling coalition and Opposition against the much talked about drug peddler-police-politico nexus have gone silent despite Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar letter seeking details.

Story: the goan | network | 09th October 2017, 07:11 Hrs


It may be recalled that several MLAs from the ruling coalition including deputy speaker Michael Lobo and several Opposition leaders came out strongly against the elusive drug nexus and blamed police for being facilitators in the crime.
The open outbursts not only embarrassed the ruling dispensation, but prompted the chief minister to write letters to all ministers and MLAs on September 14 requesting them to desist from making public statements against police in drug-related cases.
The chief minister urged legislators to bring to his notice personally instead of making open statements "which not only leads to dampening of the morale of police force and denting the image of the State, but also alerts those involved".
While assuring due cognizance and strict action on every case brought to his notice, the chief minister sought to initiate a joint fight against the drug menace in the State.
It's now over three weeks since the chief minister wrote to the legislators, not only have the voices fallen silent, but no minister or MLA has come forth and written to chief minister on any drug-related issue till date. The chief minister's office disclosed that no minister or MLA replied to the letter. The silence has now raised questions over the intent of all such voices raised against drugs in Goa.
When The Goan contacted Lobo on his reply to the chief minister's letter, the deputy speaker replied in the negative while there was no response from WRD minister Vinoda Paliencar.
The rampant consumption of drugs at rave parties in coastal Goa was the talking point lately when two tourists died of suspected drug overdose at a party on a beach in North Goa in August. Among those who were most vocal against the consumption of drugs in Goa was Paliencar and Lobo.
While Paliencar said he was firm on making Goa drug-free, he had called for a complete ban on drug-ridden rave parties saying "our coast is infested with the sale and trafficking of drugs and there is absolutely no control over it."
Similarly, Lobo had also claimed that drugs racket is openly taking place and accused the police of a nexus with drugs mafia. Other ministers and MLAs too followed Lobo and had openly started raising their voices against the drugs menace.