Thursday, 22 March, 2018

Mapusa Merchants Association member clears encroachment off footpath

Story: the goan network | 22nd September 2017, 07:11 Hrs

It was a victory of sorts for the pedestrian in Mapusa market after the footpath in front of the shop belonging to an executive member of Mapusa Merchants Association (MMA) was once again opened for people to walk.
MMA Vice President Naresh Tivrekar to whom the shop belongs kept his word and removed the enclosure made of iron mesh covering the front and the two sides of the footpath.
Tivrekar was making use of the enclosure on the footpath to store his goods.
On Wednesday The Goan had reported how the MMA vice president had snubbed the civic authorities by constructing the enclosure right on the footpath in front of his shop.
MMA, President, Ashish Shirodkar tried to defend his executive member that many other shopkeepers also displayed their wares on the footpath during the day and took them inside during the night.
"It was a temporary enclosure and our member has removed it of his own accord. We respect the rules and will abide by them. But I still maintain that vendors are given preferential treatment in Mapusa market," Shirodkar told The Goan.
Mapusa Municipal Council, Chairperson, Rohan Kavlekar said the shopkeeper had promised the civic officials that he would dismantle
the enclosure and he has done so. "The civic body was not involved in removing the enclosure on the footpath near the Tivrekar's shop. He has cleared it on his own," Kavlekar said.