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Azeite do Reino Portuguese olive oil launched in Goa

Azeite do Reino, is a premium Portuguese origin olive oil is now being imported by Caroma Agencies based in Vasco da Gama. The first consignment of Olive Oil was imported in 2016 by Caroma Agencies and since then 2 more consignments have been imported.

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Besides Goa, Azeite do Reino is also available in Mumbai and will shortly be available in other cities across the country. Present on the occasion of the launch was Carmelino Da Rocha Machado, Director -Caroma Agencies, Carlos Noronha, Goan Hospitality - Super Stockist and Erasmo Araujo, Quick Marketing Bureau - "Distributor" for the State of Goa.
There are basically 3 varieties of Olive Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Virgin Olive Oil & Olive Oil. These oils are cold pressed and extracted by mechanical means only without the use of any chemicals and solvents. Two varieties Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Olive Oil as mentioned above are imported. All other varieties are primarily for industrial usage and not recommended for human consumption. Portuguese Olive Oil is known to be one of the best in the World and is often referred to as the "Hidden Gem". The Portuguese take great pride in the quality of their Oil and have not been compromised unlike their neighbours.
Spain and Italy who have been rocked by investigations which in turn have unearthed adulteration on a massive scale.
The Sole distributor in Goa is Goan Hospitality, Caravela Home Stay, behind the Post Office, Panjim.

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