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From journalism to coffee, Tengse begins a new journey

Moving away from active journalism, Arvind Tengse has charted a new course for himself. Speaking to The Goan, this senior scribe turned entrepreneur tells us how he derives immense satisfaction in catering to the palate of coffee lovers at his new venture @Foods in Margao

11th September 2017, 03:59 Hrs
The Goan: How did your new venture @Foods shape out?
Arvind Tengse: Recently, during the Chefs Conference held in South Goa, I tasted ‘Aiyar's Filter Coffee'. Its taste reminded me of my childhood days, when my father and I used to come to Margao and drink coffee. That's when I decided that people will enjoy this taste. Accordingly, I spoke with the Director of Aiyar Coffee, Karthik Aiyar, and then things started to fall into place. I told the company to allot me a franchisee and to enable me to open multi-outlets to which they agreed. Thereafter, I signed a franchisee agreement with Desi Foods Goa (India), which is involved in the marketing of various Indian masalas and authentic filter coffee powder.

TG: Why only coffee business?
AT: When I was a member of the Press Council of India, I got the opportunity to visit all states of India. At that time, I realised that there are coffee drinkers in every State, who prefer filter coffee. In Goa too, people ask for filter coffee.

TG: Why this shift from journalism to business?
AT: During the course of my association with journalism for more than two decades, I could never devote much time to my family. The job satisfaction, which I used to derive 26 years back in journalism, does not exist today. I came out of active journalism and started this venture so that I can get satisfaction. When a customer tells me that the coffee is good, I get immense satisfaction.

TG: What is your customer profile?
AT: It ranges from the labour class to officers.

TG: What about the employment prospects in this business?
AT: This business offers good opportunities for the unemployed. If they have premises, I can install the entire equipment without the concerned youth investing anything. A sale of 200 cups per day offers monthly earnings ranging anywhere between Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000, which works out to daily earning of Rs 500 or so.

TG: What are your future plans?
AT: I plan to open two more outlets within a span of 20 days. One in Margao and another at Colva.

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