Thursday, 19 July, 2018
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The angel's verdict

The USP of Pascoal De Chicalim's tiatrs are his ability to unearth hidden potential to the commercial stage.

Story: Basil | Sylvester | 10th September 2017, 06:37 Hrs


While the gems eventually get polished and move to directors of bigger repute, Pascoal De Chicalim continues in his endeavour of giving a break to newer artistes thereby safeguarding the future of the Konkani stage.
Each of his tiatr releases, be it Pojisanv, Doria, Viva San Joao, Devchar and now, Anj Boddvo (Angel) have a soulful meaning which percolates into the audience who leave the auditorium watching his show as transformed, better individuals.
The unsung director's currently running tiatr, Anj Boddvo (Angel) is a thought-provoking drama revolving around a handicapped young man which in the climax evokes poignant scenes. Fast approaching its Golden Jubilee show, the tiatr gives out a message that God has blessed us with life which should be filled with care and compassion for one another. If you go against His plan, He will punish you while you are still alive and regret on your misdeeds. The cast is mostly young and emerging and have come up with impressive performances.
Particularly impressive, is the role essayed by Franco Coelho as Baba Melvin, the handicapped son whose facial features and mannerisms is second to none. The comedy will leave you in splits while the songs will make you introspect.
The story is about a father played by Bento De Vasco who has two grown-up sons. While the younger one, Baba Melvin (Franco Coelho) is mentally challenged and is still pursuing his education, the older son, Peter (Sandy Shankar) is a practicing advocate. Their father married off Adv. Peter to a poor girl, Felcy (Vanida Correia) as a gesture of gratitude to her Late parents.
Adv. Peter looks down upon his handicapped brother as a burden to the household and always finds fault with him. He also does not love his wife who continues to bear his taunts and harassment as a virtuous spouse. Adv. Peter falls to the charm of his assistant lawyer, Simran (Maria Alfonso) who entangles him into a trap with her guile, beauty and dressing sense. So much so, on an ill-fated day he compels his expecting wife, Felcy to leave the house with a promise that he will not ill-treat his mentally challenged brother. While she leaves her husband's home, a pall of gloom descends on the rest of the immediate family.
After the interval, the story moves seven years forward. The wife is not initially seen or heard off. The uncanny lady-love of Adv. Peter, who is his assistant at their office comes with her father, Sultan (Pascoal De Chicalim) with a condition. If he wants to marry his lady-love, then he has to make a joint account in their names with power of attorney to his property first.
Is it Simran's business plan along with her father to lure naïve men into a love trap for materialistic gains or is there a deeper context relating to her evil design? You have to watch the story unravel with its entwining twists and turns to know.
Is her perpetrated crime of siphoning off money of her so-called lover justified? Is Adv. Peter who is arrested by the inspector (Walter Martins) framed? Who is really to be blamed? The ensuing chain of events which leads to the father (Bento De Vasco) getting an attack results in a heartrending incident. But who takes this tragic step and why? The drama beautifully unfolds itself which leaves the audience wistful and filled with anguish. Eventually, the person who is responsible for all the bad is punished by The Almighty in the form of an Anj Boddvo (Angel). Who is this humanized Anj Boddvo and how is the sinner punished is revealed at the end.
The tiatr has four caants, three solos, three duets, a comedy trio and a general trio. Among the songs, the one that stands out is the one sung by Jolrisha which emphasizes on youth making optimum use of their talent. Another is a duet by Jonathan and Maria where the brother is persuading his sister to send him to London but she does not relent. The comedy act which attracts the most peals of laughter is the scene with Milton as the director at an audition.
Pascoal De Chicalim while speaking to The Goan puts forth a very important question, "When a handicapped child is born and the parents return to their Heavenly Abode, who will look after him/her? Is it not the duty of their sibling/s or next of kin to see to his/her well-being?

(The next show is on September 17, 3.30 pm, Gomant Vidya Niketan, Margao)

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