Friday, 23 March, 2018

No more harassment

12th August 2017, 11:56 Hrs

It is an accepted fact that brutal crimes against women are committed on a daily basis across the nation. Every single day children, young girls, mothers and women from all walks of life are not just eve-teased, but molested, violated and assaulted in the streets and even in the safety of their homes.
In what can only be termed as a brazen incident, a 22-year-old woman from Khola was abducted on Thursday as she awaited a bus home from the KTC bus stand at Canacona by simply being grabbed and forcibly dragged out of the populated terminus by none other than a teenager no older than 16 years. When the woman shouted for help, the accused threatened to kill her and anyone who attempted to intervene forcing her to get onto his two-wheeler which he then rode away to an isolated spot at Keri where he attempted to sexually assault her.
Thanks to her quick thinking and courage, however, the woman got herself out of a terrifying ordeal. But the fact that she was put in this position in the first place is a poor reflection of the government and police force that is failing in its duty to protect women and girls everywhere.
The issue of women's safety is not a trifling one - it needs to take centrestage until our leaders and all stakeholders yield and take control on the crisis that looms across every street and corner of India. How long will this menace go on for?

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