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More than just a magic show

When one thinks of a magic show, the usual image that comes to your mind is of a magician conjuring up flowers out of air or pulling a bunny or birds out of a hat. But there is so much more to the field of magic that remains unexplored and this is what illusionist Clifford Parekh hopes to enlighten audience on as he takes the stage for what promises to be a fun filled night at Ignia, Verna on Saturday, August 12.

Story: CHR | ST | 12th August 2017, 11:46 Hrs


A former navy man, Parekh spent 22 years in the Indian Navy before retiring as commander and turning his attention to pursuing magic full time. " I studied and did magic for a long time before I began looking at going into it full time and becoming an entertainer. Magic of course involves a lot of theory. So there is a lot of reading of books and watching of videos involved," says Parekh. Even so making the shift was no easy task. "Pursuing an art form in India is not given much value yet. In fact it is not easy to earn a living through magic. Even so I took it up as a challenge," says Parekh. Originally from Dehradun, Parekh was transferred to Goa on work and fell in love with the place, deciding to make this his home as he felt that in Goa there " is scope for entertainment".
With twelve years in the show business now, Parekh is certainly one of the promising entertainers today. He won the National Illusion Competition in Haryana in 2008 and was shortlisted to perform in India Got Talent Season 7. He also regularly does a street magic serial on a local channel in Goa.
Parekh has developed different stage acts depending on his audience -i.e. Corporate, family etc. From easy card tricks, Parekh also delves into mind reading, transposition, telekinesis etc. In fact together with his wife Radhika who he admits is his main backer, the couple together do an interesting mind reading act as well.
Being a navy man, he has also developed a special package for the Defence and has performed numerous shows for Sainik Schools ,Air Squadrons, The Indian Navy , and the Indian Army.
His upcoming act here in Goa though will be something new and different. "This is the first time that I am bringing this act to Goa and it is also my first public stand up act as I normally do a lot of corporate shows," he says. A lot of these corporate shows are product launches for the company where he magically launches the product. " What's important to note that this is not your normal magic show. Usually when I do a magic show, the compere makes an announcement for all the kids to come in front. This is because magic shows are usually associated with kids. You don't see this with other forms of entertainment. Usually it is the performer who is at fault for creating this misconception," he says, adding that his show will see magic at a much higher level. "It is more intense and there will be mind reading involved. It is aimed at an adult audience. Of course there will be a lot of humour too," reveals Parekh.
Venue: Ignia, Verna
Timing: 8pm onwards
Contact: +91744-7765817

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