Sunday, 25 March, 2018

Foreign national assaulted in Panaji, video clip goes viral

A video clip showing an assault on a foreign national in broad daylight in Panaji has gone viral on social media platforms casting a dense shadow of doubt on the safety of tourists in the tourist state.

09th August 2017, 03:35 Hrs

the goan I network

The clip shows Tahir Virani, proprietor of a local home appliance shop located opposite Captain of Ports jetty in Panaji, beating a foreign national with a mop-stick in front of his shop. The assault occurred in broad daylight and was witnessed by over a dozen people, one of whom shot the video.
The incident is believed to have occurred between Sunday and Tuesday, by when the video clip had been circulated widely over Facebook and WhatsApp.
The tourist can be heard yelling at Virani, who is armed with a mop-stick, and asking him to stop. When Virani began to beat the tourist with the stick, one of his staff members cheered him on while the onlookers chose not to get involved.
"I was working for an hour. This is bad business, illegal business. Stop it. You can't treat me like this," the foreign national dressed in red and black checked shirt is heard saying.
Meanwhile, Panaji Police have yet to receive a formal complaint in the matter and hence, have refrained from registering an offence against Virani. However, Panaji police inspector Siddhant Shirodkar has informed that he is in receipt of directions from the deputy collector (North) to conduct a thorough inquiry into the matter. Accordingly, police will initiate a probe into the incident during
this week.