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Davorlim favours re-alignment of proposed overbridge

After heated deliberations, Davorlim Gram Sabha chaired by Sarpanch Flency Gomes passed a resolution demanding re-alignment of the proposed overbridge without affecting the farmers as a majority of the people wanted this overbridge for public utility.

Story: the | goan | 17th July 2017, 04:43 Hrs
MARGAOrrThe resolution will now be forwarded to the authorities concerned for further action. rThe villagers were informed that the land acquisition proceedings for the proposed overbridge had commenced in accordance with the plan chalked out for the purpose. rInitially, opinion was divided among the Gram Sabha members over the proposed bridge. While most of the members felt that it would serve the larger interest of the public, some others felt that the same would affect their cultivation and hence opposed it. They pointed out to the mud filling in the area and expressed fears of flooding during monsoons and cited a similar example of such flooding which, they claimed, to have occurred in the village in 1992. They demanded status-quo over the matter while demanding re-alignment of this overbridge so as to save the farming community. However the villagers opposing the project were later convinced by former sarpanch Atul Verlekar and some of the newly elected panch members to opt for re-alignment of the proposed overbridge so as to alleviate the sufferings of the affected farming community. rThe festering issue of garbage was also raised by the locals. They were informed that dry garbage would be collected on Wednesday and Saturday on weekly basis. Some members demanded the formation of a Committee to identify where the garbage would be disposed. They also felt that locals need to be taken into confidence and relevant NGOs be contacted who can handle wet garbage. rYet another suggestion was to prevail upon the Department of Science and Technology to collect dry garbage. Some members also demanded that the funds with the panchayat amounting to Rs 78 lakh, as disclosed by the panchayat authorities, be spent to maintain cleanliness in the village. rThe panchayat was also urged to constitute a team for the recovery of tax arrears from business establishments to enable the panchayat increase its revenue.

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