Thursday, 22 March, 2018

Stone quarries, road repairs top Korgao meet

The issues of repair of roads, electricity poles and action against stone quarries dominated the Korgao gram sabha on Sunday.

Story: the goan | network | 17th July 2017, 05:42 Hrs
PERNEMrrThe residents demanded replacing the old electricity poles and wires, which are posing a threat to the vehicles and pedestrians. rThey bought to the notice of the panchayat that some electricity poles in the village are in dilapidated condition and many incidents of falling of electricity poles have taken place in the last two years. They demanded to replace the old poles and also the electrical wires. rThe residents also demanded repairing the roads in the village. A gram sabha member, Dasharath Gawade said the pedestrians are facing difficulty as there are no footpaths on the roads in village. r“As there is no proper sewerage system, the roads are flooded with water, mud and stones, putting the life of motorists at risk.” “The potholes-ridden road from Sukalwada to Pale should be repaired before Ganesh Chaturthi,” demanded Gawade. rFormer Korgao sarpanch Sudeep Korgaonkar demanded cutting the trees, which are posing danger, along the roadside in the village. rThe residents also said protection walls should be constructed near the open stone quarries as they have became dangerous in the monsoon. They said some stone quarries are left open during the monsoon. rMahadev Gavandi said people and animals have lost their lives after rainwater was filled in the open stone quarries in the village. “In order to stop such incidents, a protection wall should be built on the roadside so that people and animals rare prohibited from going towards the quarry sites,” demanded Gawandi. rThe issue of illegal houses in the village also came up for discussion. The villagers demanded giving house numbers to all the illegal houses and also collect tax from them. rThe villagers also requested the panchayat to keep record of houses built by people from other areas, who are not from the village and also other projects in the village. rKorgao Sarpanch Pramila Dessai, Deputy Sarpanch Uday Palyekar, Panchas Ranganath Palyekar, Sameer Bhatlekar, Custan Coelho, Vasant Dessai, Swati Gawandi, Uma Salgaonkar, Abdul Naik and observer Ramakant Narse were present.