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Hoble gives new twist to dowry case, says medical report is fabricated

14th July 2017, 03:43 Hrs

Attempting to run a public smear campaign against his daughter-in-law, BJP vice president Anil Hoble on Thursday incredulously claimed the medical report of his daughter-in-law has been fabricated to hide the truth about her infidelity.

Claims his daughter-in-law had an extra-marital affair\r\rthe goan I network\rPANAJI\r \rHoble, who while claiming that his daughter-in-law’s injuries were self inflicted, denied claims that he assaulted her, and accused her of having an extra-marital affair and paraded before the media ‘evidence’ to prove his claims. \rWhat the BJP state vice president, didn’t seem to realise is that, irrespective of whether his allegations are true or not, extra-marital affairs are not a crime, but invading a person’s privacy, and defamation, if proved, certainly is. \r\rMEDICAL REPORT\rBruises on neck and a black eye; face swollen among other injuries on her neck and other parts of her body\rHOBLE’S CLAIMS\rWe never assaulted her. Her injuries are self-inflicted. She may have hit her head against the wall, scratched and hurt herself. The medical report could also have been fabricated. We didn’t even touch her. Adv Aires and her parents have fabricated the injuries\rWILL ACCEPT \rHER BACK\rPANAJI: With a hint of emotion in his voice, OBC chairman Anil Hoble pleaded Shweta to return with his young grandchildren. However, he stated that had it not been for the kids, he wouldn’t have requested his son’s wife to return. “The parents want to take her back to Mumbai. If the grandchildren weren’t in the picture, we wouldn’t have begged her to return. We are ready to forgive her and take her back on certain conditions,” he said. \rBJP BACKS HOBLE\rPANAJI: State BJP president and Rajya Sabha candidate Vinay Tendulkar came in support of his deputy who was booked for assault and dowry harassment based on a complaint by his daughter-in-law.
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