Sunday, 25 March, 2018

Govt mulls giving heritage panel more responsibility

The government is toying with the idea of assigning additional role to the reconstituted heritage committee in order to extract maximum advantage of the experts on the panel towards conservation of the state’s architectural heritage.

Story: the goan | network | 19th June 2017, 04:32 Hrs


The reconstituted heritage committee under the chairmanship of TCP Minister Vijai Sardesai also comprises the Chief Secretary as the vice-chairman and a host of experts and nominees of various institutions. Besides, the government has inducted Engg Ernest Moniz and Kethak Nashnolkar as members of the conservation committee.   
After inaugurating the tamarind park in front of Justice Eurico Silva’s house on Sunday, TCP Minister said that the government intends to hand over more responsibility to the heritage committee and utilise their expertise towards heritage conservation.   
He also said that SGPDA at its meeting scheduled on Monday will take a decision on whether to hand over the conservation of the old market area of the city to the heritage committee.   
Commenting on the renovation of the tamarind park by ‘We For Fatorda’ under CSR initiative, Sardesai said the idea behind the renovation is to restore the areas of Borda, that are steeped in rich architectural heritage, to its pristine glory.   
“This park has been developed for local children and residents, and not for vagabonds,” he stated.