Fri, 22 Mar, 2019

Scheme to rejuvenate wells launched

The Water Resources Department (WRD) on Sunday announced a scheme to repair and renovate existing wells to promote conjunctive use of water and maintain the ground water. It also admitted that bore wells across the state, especially at industrial estates were affecting groundwater levels.

Story: the | goan | 19th June 2017, 04:02 Hrs


The scheme titled Nital Goem, Nital Baim was launched at the hands of TCP minister Vijai Sardesai and WRD minister Vinod Paluekar. 
According to the scheme that will be launched on July 1, private owned public used wells by individuals, group of individuals or farmers would be given a grant in aid in the form of subsidies to maintain wells and ground water structures.   
An upper limit of Rs 50,000 per well will be granted that include construction of parapet, plastering with glazed tile pieces, repairs of electric equipment if necessary and cleaning of well including de-watering.   
The types of well included in the scheme are bore wells which can be flushed and repaired but not redrilled. 
Speaking at the launch of the scheme, Sandeep Nadkarni said bore wells in the state were affecting groundwater levels.
 “There are about 3,500 to 4,000 bore wells in the state already. Though we have stopped giving permission to any new applications, industrial estates like that in Verna that have 200 bore wells alone are affecting ground water level,” he said.   
Lending his voice to the cause of saving water, Sardesai said the water was currently being misused due to which the wells were losing their value and pointed to the scheme as a way of saving it.   

Palienkar meanwhile said, “as part of our ongoing work to bring life into schemes that matter, we will make sure that more such schemes that promote safeguarding of our natural heritage are created.”