Sunday, 25 March, 2018

Norms flouted as weak bldg in Vasco gets another floor

Even as Mormugao Deputy Collector Mahadev Arondekar has directed members of Puspanjali Co-operative Society to ask the occupants to vacate the flats, a building next to the dilapidated building has constructed one more floor.

16th June 2017, 07:10 Hrs

the goan I network
Taking into consideration the dilapidated condition of Puspanjali building after the balcony of third floor collapsed recently, Arondekar is in the process of writing to the PWD (building section) to file a stability report of 35 dilapidated buildings in the port town based on the submission of Mormugao Municipal Council (MMC).   
The three-storey building, which is adjacent to Puspanjali building, has already developed cracks on its walls, but the residents have gone ahead and constructed one more floor with a slope.   
The shopkeepers on the ground floor have termed this additional construction as a threat to the residents and the people walking along 
the road. 
“The building is already weak and it cannot carry any more load and surprisingly, the owner/residents have constructed another floor,” said 
a shopkeeper.   
“Our building is also about 35 years old and the structure is totally weak and with the addition of one more floor, there is every chance for the building to sink as it is constructed on reclaimed area,” added the shopkeeper.   
“We would have not mind if they had to construct a roof with metal sheets, but constructing a concrete roof is a danger in waiting for every one,” added the shopkeeper.   
When contacted, MMC chairperson Deepak Naik feigned ignorance in the matter. However, Naik called the municipal engineer and directed him to send the staff and issue a stop order to the controversial construction.   
“These people do not realize what mistakes they are making, and if any eventuality takes place, then the people blame the authorities,” 
said Naik.   
“The construction of the additional floor is total violation as we have not given any construction licence. We are trying to vacate people from all private dilapidated buildings in the port town for their own safety. And here, giving scant respect for human lives, they are constructing an illegal floor on the building which is already in dilapidated condition,” 
added Naik.