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Setting the ramp ablaze

Audrey D’Silva does Goa proud. She has just won a direct entry to the Grand Finale of fbb Colors Femina Miss India 2017

Story: Karsten Miranda | 27th May 2017, 05:05 Hrs

She stole the show at Hyatt Regency, Pune with her contagious smile and charming presence. As the newly crowned fbb Colors Femina Miss India Goa 2017, Audrey D’Silva has the hopes of a thousand hearts resting on her delicate shoulders.   
Her hard work over the past three years in the run up to the pageant has kept her in good stead, with the judges crowning her additionally with the titles of Miss Beautiful Body and Miss Vivacious 2017 West Zone for this round.  As Audrey D’Silva now gears up for the crowning moment of the fbb Colors Femina Miss India 2017 to be held on June 25 in Mumbai, she takes a quick break to chat with us about her recent win and how she’s preparing for the thrilling finale.   

TGLife: Tell us your thoughts going into the final round of the fbb Colors Femina Miss India West 2017 pageant   
Audrey D’silva: With my work as an anchor, I’ve never been scared or nervous. But during the competition. I was shuffling between two main feelings – nervousness and nausea. I was so nervous before going on stage that I cried. Then I would drink some water and feel nauseous. But the moment I got on stage, I was completely confident.  When my name was announced, I couldn’t stop crying. I had a complete flashback of everything I went through in the lead up to the competition - all those times in the gym, the diets, all of it, and the tears just flowed. It was a beautiful night and I was so happy.   

TG: What were your expectations going into the pageant?   
AD: I’ve been training for this for three years. I believe that if you work really hard and you give it your everything, you have nothing to be afraid of. I trained really hard to win and was completely prepared, both mentally and physically. I studied and researched the pageant, watched videos that would help me prepare and kept myself mentally happy. I will admit that in previous pageants I was not as ready. It was a completely different type of preparation here.   

TG: What did you think of your competition in the pageant?   
AD: I understand that all the other contestants have also worked very hard. But I knew I had to focus only on myself, so I did not look at anyone else as competition. It’s now going to be even tougher with 29 other contestants in the next stage, everyone with their own unique culture from different states.   

TG: What are your strong points in the fbb Femina Miss India 2017 pageant?   
AD: My strengths are my communication skills and physique. I may not be as gorgeous as others, as all the girls out there are beautiful, but I have my communication skills, my smile, charm, poise, personality, physique and hard work as my strong points.   

TG: Your mentor Waluscha de Souza is also a Goan. What was her advice?   
AD: Waluscha told me that despite our common point being Goa, there would be no favours, and the best things about me were my physique and communication skills. Her advice to me was not to be nervous, and she said that while I talk well, at times I am too casual. During the finale, her vibe was very positive. It helped me get through.   

TG: What do you like about the fbb Colors Femina Miss India 2017 pageant?   
AD: Every stage is different and there’s lots to learn. What is impressive is that Femina understands that we need time to rest to keep us going through the competition. Fashion is not easy and there is a lot of hard work – heels can really hurt after a while!   

TG: Tell us about your fitness regime.   
AD: I do cross-fit and circuit training. I also eat to satisfy my stomach, not fill it. But I carry snacks with me so I don’t starve. I never recommend that anyone starve themselves to get fit.   
Currently, I have a high protein diet because I work out twice a day. I eat boiled eggs, boiled chicken, a little bit of sweet potato for carbs, dal, fish and lots of salads. After the finale, I treated myself to some rice and chapatis, but now that’s over. My mother’s welcome home meal was a salad!   

TG: What stands out as a strong memory from the pageant so far?   
AD: The only thing that was running through my head the entire time was ‘Audrey, you have to win’, so I blocked everything else out. I had no chance to even think. So my strong memory would be winning.   

TG: What are your future plans?
AD: I’ve just finished my first year in journalism and I want to complete my education because it is important. My family has journalism in our blood. So perhaps this is something I might do.   
However, I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur and start something for myself, have my own business. That said, if movies do happen, I wouldn’t mind. I can be anything I want – an entrepreneur, an actor, a journalist.   

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