Friday, 23 March, 2018

Bastora VP unable to shift roadside kiosks at junction

Lack of action from Bastora panchayat in shifting three roadside kiosks could hamper smooth movement of traffic along the new service roads near the Bastora junction.

20th May 2017, 07:21 Hrs

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Although the service roads along both sides of the national highway at Bastora junction are complete, three kiosks on the Eastern side obstruct visibility of movement of vehicles coming from Aldona side.   
National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) had written to the local Bastora panchayat to shift the kiosks as a priority, as once the traffic is diverted on the service roads the drivers would find it difficult to see vehicles from the Aldona side due to the presence of the kiosks.   
The Bastora panchayat had also assured to displace the kiosks, but till today the kiosks have not been moved from the area.   
“Very soon, we plan to begin work on the underpass and therefore all vehicles will be diverted through the service roads. Since the kiosks on the Eastern side of the road will block visibility of vehicles, it may create hindrance in smooth movement of traffic,” said A K Sadanand, Assistant Engineer, PWD (highways).   
“We had written to the local panchayat to shift the kiosks. The delay in doing so could create problem once the traffic is diverted through the service roads,” he added.   
At least 12 kiosks are located at the junction and all are set up illegally on comunidade land.   
Bastora Sarpanch Pratiksha Mayenkar informed that the panchayat’s effort to shift the kiosks did not materialize.   
“We had requested the kiosk owners to shift from the site. We also provided them an alternative location, but they refuse to budge,” Mayenkar said.