Thursday, 22 March, 2018

One crushed to death under crane at Panaji

Panaji Police booked the supervisor of Anarchy Foundation Pvt Ltd Yogesh Kumar Trapasiya for negligence causing the death of a hydra machine operator Rakesh Kumar Yadav (30) at a construction site located at Patto in Panaji.

19th May 2017, 07:55 Hrs

the goan I network
Yadav hailed from Uttar Pradesh. Police informed that Trapasiya hired a hydra machine which was passing by the site to shift a rock anchor weighing 3.5 tons. The anchor had to be shifted from a higher ground to approximately five metres depth. That hydra machine was grounded in soft mud and as a result it lost balance and turned turtle with the weight of the anchor, eventually crushing the operator, who was trapped under it.   
That supervisor who has been booked failed to provide immediate medical assistance and safety gear to the deceased. A fire brigade was summoned late in the evening to pull out the body of the operator from under the machine.   
Meanwhile, the general manager of the construction company issued a statement offering condolences to Yadav’s family. “We are saddened by the unfortunate accident at our site and loss of a human life. While the vehicle operator was under the employment of the contractor and operating under their safety guidance and protocols, we have extended immediate assistance and medical attention.